31 Dec 2017

My 2017

2018 is almost knocking on our doors, so it's time to look back and remember what happened during this year. So, without further ado, all aboard the train down the memory lane! 

20 Dec 2017

Last Minute Christmas Presents

If you just realized that there's only four days left until Christmas and your gift bag is still (half) empty, there's a chance that you might be the "lazy Santa" of this year... But fear not, cause I have some gift suggestions that might come in handy while searching something for your mother, sister, wife, girlfriend or friend! 

16 Dec 2017


With another year drawing to an end, it's time to press "pause" and look around. Time really flies, huh? It seems that only yesterday we shouted "Happy 2017!" and now Christmas is just around the corner once again. Lately I've been working and running around with all sorts of errands, so there was no time for anything else, my blog included. But this Friday-Saturday I gave me few quiet moments that filled me up with a little bit of energy again.

4 Dec 2017

Comic Con Baltics: Sunday

This weekend was all about pop culture and geeky stuff: for the first time in the history of Baltic countries, we had our very own Comic Con

2 Dec 2017

Paviljono knygų savaitgalis arba apie šventę širdy

Šiandien Vilniuje judėjimo buvo daug: minios traukė apžiūrėti vakar įžiebtos eglutės (kurią su drauge dėl spalvinio derinio pakrikštyjom Šaltibarščių eglute), prie Litexpo būriavosi popkultūros gerbėjai, o Paviljone tęsėsi prasidėjęs knygų savaitgalis, kurį savo kalendoriuje buvau pasižymėjusi ir aš. 

27 Nov 2017

My Christmas Wishlist

This year my traditional Christmas Wishlist is very short. It's not the first time when I set my mind on a very precise thing. This year, oh dear Santa, my wishlist is narrowed down to perfume.
18 Nov 2017

Trying Out Italian Cosmetics: L’Erbolario

My acquaintance with Italian brand L'erbolario started more than a year ago, when I found a tester of their deodorant in one of the magazines I buy.  I got curious and started to be interested in this particular company and their creations. Today I wanted to share my thoughts on some of their products that I have tried during these past months!

12 Nov 2017

Summer Moments: Trip to France

The best cure for the autumn gloom are photos with encapsulated summer memories, don't you agree? This year when me and my husband were traveling to France, I took my old (and quite heavy) camera Zenit TTL and two camera films for the sake of photos with a little bit different vibe than the ones you would get with the digital camera. Just recently I got one of the films developed and I just had to share the results with you!

10 Nov 2017

Gabija Grušaitė | Stasys Šaltoka. Vieneri metai

Pradėsiu nuo to, kam šios knygos skaityti nerekomenduoju: tiems, kurie aktyviai nesinaudoja socialiniais tinklais (prisijungimas kartą per mėnesį prie FB, ar paskyros IG turėjimas, nekeliant ten nuotraukų nesiskaito); tiems, kuriuos purto nuo to, kad jauni žmonės savo kalbą tirštai prifarširuoja anglicizmais; tiems, kurie savo gyvenimą yra išsiaiškinę ir labai nori, jog ir kiti sektų jų pavyzdžiu - believe me, - kaip pasakytų Stasys, - it doesn't work that way. Visiems kitiems baltiems potsovietiniams hipsteriams (šitą ne aš sugalvojau, tai citata iš knygos) ši knyga yra a must. Bet apie viską iš pradžių. 

2 Nov 2017

Trying Out Estonian Cosmetics: Puhas Loodus

If you haven't heard about "Puhas Loodus", I wouldn't judge you. Before I came to live in Tartu earlier this year, this particular Estonian brand was not on my radar either. One evening when I was chatting with my room-mate, she told me about this brand and showed what she was using, while encouraging to try it out myself. I bought two types of creams then and I bought many more of "Puhas Loodus" products during my stay in Narva last month. So this short review is based on my and my colleagues' impressions, who also decided to try it out. 

25 Oct 2017

We Are Golden

Recently it is impossible to leave home without wearing gloves and a warm scarf, the skies are back to the usual grey, and when you think that there's only two months (TWO MONTHS, people!) left until the Christmas, I get scared how incredibly fast time flies. 

20 Oct 2017

L'Automne à Vilnius

After a period that looked like prelude to the Deluge, we finally got to experience some sunny and warm days (or afternoons, more likely). During days like these, you can really appreciate all the beauty of this season. The smell of fallen leaves, damp trees, and crisp wind makes you shiver both with cold and delight!

17 Oct 2017

City on the Border: Narva

Just two weeks ago I was again standing in Vilnius Bus Station with a packed suitcase and tickets in my hand, ready for yet another adventure. I can assuredly say that this year Estonia was my destination No. 1. Having visited Tartu, Tallinn, and Viljandi multiple times, I was very happy to have a chance to see another Estonian city called Narva.

15 Oct 2017

Undinė Radzevičiūtė - Kraujas mėlynas

Naujausias Undinės Radzevičiūtės romanas Kraujas mėlynas (Lietuvos rašytojų sąjungos leidykla, 2017) ant spintelės lovos galvūgalyje gulėjo nuo knygų mugės, kur jį ir įsigijau. Atvirai pasakius, pasiryžti skaityti šią knygą buvo sunku. Priežastys net kelios: 180 taip ir neįveikiau, o Žuvys ir drakonai mane prieš keletą metų tiesiog privertė parašyti tokį atsiliepimą. Kaip ištikima U. Radzevičiūtės kūrybos kelio sekėja (patyrinėkit įdėmiau foto apačioje) pasijutau bestovinti kažkokioj kryžkelėj: po to, kai ši autorė miniromanus iškeitė į maksi, pasikeitė ne tik tekstų ilgis, bet ir pats kalbos sodrumas, dingo sakinių kondensato įspūdis, kur kiekvienas žodis buvo it kulka. Taip sakant, pasigedau to, kas mane anksčiau prie šios rašytojos kūrybos ir traukė. Todėl Kraujas mėlynas man tapo tokiu slenkstiniu kūriniu. Taip arba ne. 

8 Oct 2017


When travelling, my philosophy is very simple: tasting local foods is as important as visiting "must see" points on the map. Moreover, skipping food in the context of France should be considered a crime! That's why the last post about my and my husband's vacation is all about the local French cuisine that we discovered and enjoyed!

6 Oct 2017

MADAME EN VACANCES VII: Marvellous French Alps

There is this saying, that if you want to know the real face of a person, go to the mountains together. It is indeed an environment that somehow lets you be who you truly are. When we planned our trip to France, I really wanted for us to go to the French Alps. Although my husband has been there previously, he gladly accepted my proposition and we made the town of Chamonix Mont Blanc our last stop in France.

2 Oct 2017

MADAME EN VACANCES VI: Les merveilles d'Ardèche

Although today is not a "Throw Back Thursday", in my opinion Monday is a very appropriate time to dive into the vacation memories. Especially, when these memories are from France! So, let's continue with my series of Madame en Vacances. Today I want to tell you about the time that we passed in the region of Ardèche.

1 Oct 2017

It's #Kaunastic!

Apparently, Indian Summer is over and we dived back into the murky gloom of typical Lithuanian autumn. Luckily, I listened to my (usually quite off-balance) sixth sense and ushered my husband and my sister to Kaunas, to enjoy the last day of September and sunshine.

29 Sept 2017

Postcards from Biržai

I have (again) abandoned my blog. Sadly, writing two presentations (one for a symposium and another for a conference) and keeping my blog updated is a bit too much for me... If you follow me on Instagram you probably know about my writing struggles already... Nevertheless I try to escape from this closed circle and just recently I visited lovely town of Biržai! I had a nice walk on the shores of Širvėna lake and enjoyed every last bit of this sunny Indian Summer No. 2!

19 Sept 2017

MADAME EN VACANCES V: Cities of Rhône-Alpes

Cities of the region of Rhône-Alpes are no less astonishing than its countryside. Packed with historical objects and museums, tiny cafes and gourmet restaurants they offer plenty of activity. In one of my previous posts I shared some photos from Vienne, and now it's time to talk about Lyon and Valence!

18 Sept 2017


I just love castles! Maybe this feeling stems from the fact that we have so few of them here in Lithuania? Well, while I was in France, finding and visiting these fancy places was quite high on my "To See" list. This post, as I promised in my previous one, is all about fantastic castles and where to find them! (Couldn't stop my inner bookworm from this quote here!)

17 Sept 2017

MADAME EN VACANCES III: Villages de caractère

Aaand with this post we're back to France (again)! This time I want to tell you about the Character Villages ("Villages de caractère") that we visited during our journey. Each of them was different and each of them we enjoyed exploring! 

9 Sept 2017

Must be an Indian Summer

Today we were rewarded with an exceptionally good weather, so it would have been a sin to stay at home and waist such a lovely day! "Must be an Indian summer", I was thinking to myself and quickly searching for a possible activity. 

7 Sept 2017


Our trip in France, after we left Alsace, continued in the region of Rhône-Alpes, which (as you will see in my future posts) is full of contrasts! But I wouldn't mess with our journey's chronology, so let me tell you about the first object visited after we reached our temporary home in the village near Lyon. Ladies and gentlemen, please say warm "Hi" to Vienne!

2 Sept 2017

Madame en vacances I: Alsace

Autumn is a perfect background for summer memories, especially when the days are getting shorter, colder, and less exciting. It's time for me to share the moments from this year's trip to France. 

29 Aug 2017

Mėnuo Juodaragis XX: #Po_Perkūnais!

Hello, internet! My vacation is over, but before I start posting pictures from this year's adventures in France, I want to tell you about the last summer weekend, that I, together with thousands other people, spent in festival Mėnuo Juodaragis

1 Aug 2017

It's Vacation Time!

I can't believe it either, but, apparently, it's time for my vacation!

23 Jul 2017

July Beauty Favorites (The Body Shop Products Review)

July is coming to an end and it's time for my (very irregular) review of the favorite beauty products of the month. This time I'm going to review new products from the The Body Shop that I bought just recently but they definitely are in my top 10 already!

18 Jul 2017

Garden Birthday Party

During the summer I try to spend as much time outside as possible. Since these past months are not spoiling us with sunshine and warmth, every sunny day has to be celebrated! This past weekend we held a small garden party to mark my dad's birthday and the weather decided to collaborate with us, apparently, cause we had one of those beautifully rare summer evenings!

12 Jul 2017


Our quick trip to the Days of Live Archaeology in Kernavė was blessed with sunshine and warmth. Each year I try not to miss this festival not only because of its very particular atmosphere (it looks kinda surreal to walk among warriors clad in armor or to see buzzing and bustling life of a Medieval town), but also because it's my chance to buy something from Lietis - their jewelry is one of the things that I like the most! This festival also became kind of a ritual for me, my sister and my husband, we've been attending it for six or seven years now, I think. It's nice to see that it basically doesn't change - it's a rare thing in this world of constant shifts.

7 Jul 2017

What I've Been Up To Lately

I wouldn't be the first calming that this summer is not the kind of summer that we all have expected. I was so enthusiastically preparing for this season (you know, buying cute skirts, sandals, and body tan lotions), but since my last post on this blog three weeks ago (I know, I know...), nothing have changed: rain is the most frequent guest and temperature barely reaches 20 something Celsius. BUT there's also a bright side of this sad affair: you can work without feeling guilty that you are missing all the sunshine and lazy afternoons with your friends! And that's what I've been doing this whole time: working, dreaming about vacation in some much warmer country, and preparing this summary of my latest activities! 

18 Jun 2017

Moments Worth Remembering

Summer heat waves just hit my country and I was so lucky that we planned to visit our homeland during this weekend! Since the weather was perfect for a BBQ dinner, during our short Saturday trip to the market of neighboring town of Biržai, we bought all the food we needed to make probably the most popular Lithuanian dish during the summer - shashlik! 

12 Jun 2017

Father's Day 2017

Although Lithuania celebrated Father's Day on 4th of June, our family did it this weekend. Since our way of celebrating usually involves my dad coming to Vilnius and then us doing some sightseeing, to do all that, first of all I had to be back from Estonia. Second, it was a question of a place or activity. Luckily, my dad agreed to our plan that didn't involve traveling long distances like we did last year, and we decided to do some bow shooting and to visit Botanical Garden, with nice lunch in-between. 

9 Jun 2017

Wonder Woman Review

Before leaving Estonia, I decided to spend my last evening in cinema, watching the latest movie from DC Comics - "Wonder Woman". With 8.2 rating on Imdb and powerful 92 points on Rotten Tomatoes, I was intrigued and ready to give DC another chance. And so to the cinema I went.

Picture from DC Comics

7 Jun 2017

My Tartu Guide

Two months have passed since I arrived to study in Tartu, and I am back in Lithuania again! Time really flew by and I have to admit that my current feelings are quite mixed: I longed my home being there, but now I miss Tartu and its people too! So this post is all about my recommendations of where to eat, what to see and what to do while being in this picturesque Estonian town!

28 May 2017


Nature was always an interesting subject to me. Although during my school years I wasn't blessed with decent biology teachers, I was interested in nature from artistic perspectives. Even after all these years, plants and birds are one of my favorite objects to draw. So I was so happy when my friend suggested to visit Tartu Natural History Museum! I chose to wear my new navy blue dress and spiced things up with my best purchase this year, a.k.a. Aldo kitty bag!  

25 May 2017

Vanna Tallinn

Somehow my (supposed to be) lifestyle blog is turning to one about travels and traveling. I wouldn't say that I travel that often, actually, but it takes some time to edit photos and think what I should write about. But the main reason, I guess, is the fact that for these past two months I've been living in Estonia, and that's automatically an abroad in my case, so everything that I do here must be labeled as a part of my (soon-come-to-an-end) journey. So, this post about my second trip to Tallinn is no exception!

20 May 2017

Goodbye to Mexico!

The end of our short vacation came as suddenly, as its start. I must say that returning from Mexico, I felt that this whole adventure helped me to relax and stop thinking about my studies. It is a good feeling that I haven't felt for some looong time!  

19 May 2017

Above the Jungle

I looked forward to visiting Coba not only because it was another one impressive site of Maya culture, but also because you can still climb to the top of the Nohoch Mul Pyramid!

16 May 2017

Iguana Paradise

If you ever google "What to see in Cancun?", Tulum is going to be one of the top ten places recommended to see. And if you're going to follow these recommendations, be prepared to meet hundreds of others, who thought to do this same.

15 May 2017

Hearts and Stones: Chichen Itza

When me and Vincas learned that we're going to Mexico, we opened Google Maps and just looked for objects that we could visit during our trip. We already had booked tours to Tulum and Coba (more about these two places - in upcoming posts), so the one logical thing that could be done was to go to Chichén Itzá - one of the largest Maya cities, that now is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and see the famous pyramid named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. 

14 May 2017

Hola Mexico! Pt. 2

Our trip to Mexico is, so far, the highlight of this year! In my last post I made a short introduction to our journey, also wrote about the city of Cancún. Today it's all about Isla Mujeres, a tiny island that we explored on our second day of being in Quintana Roo state.

13 May 2017

Hola Mexico! Pt. 1

Hello internet! How are things? Sorry for not blogging for quite a while, but I have a good excuse. My crazy life just upgraded to even crazier, since just recently I came back from a very short vacation in... Mexico! 

26 Apr 2017


22 Apr 2017

Living in Tartu: Week 3

Three weeks in Tartu basically just flew by: occupied with my studies, (still) fixing my health, and exploring the city on weekends I feel quite busy. Tartu has a lot to offer and I'm glad that I find here everything I need.

14 Apr 2017

New In: Stenders, Mossa, L'Erbolario

Spring is getting weird lately here in Estonia - with unexpected cold winds and snow (!), being outside looks less and less appealing. Since today is one of those days when staying inside is much better decision than taking a stroll somewhere in a park, I finally managed to prepare this post about the new beauty products that I tried recently. 

11 Apr 2017

Closed Bridges

So, they finally closed the Kaarsild - Arch Bridge - across Emajõgi. It will be reopened in autumn, so I was happy that I got to cross it one more time before all the works begun. 

9 Apr 2017

Spring is Coming!

City of Tartu was basking in the sunshine for the last few days, which made me to look for other signs of spring. I definitely noticed green patches of sprouting grass and whistling of common starlings, but the most important thing is the mood of citizens and guests: everybody seem so relaxed and enjoying those blissful rays of the Sun! I spent my Saturday walking around and mostly looking at this incredible blue sky.

4 Apr 2017

Tere, Tartu!

I'm back! I feel a bit guilty that I managed to produce just one post during the month of March, but I had way too much on my plate, and somehow keeping up with my blog was not among my priorities at that time... But I hope that everything's going to change, since I'll have a little bit of spare time.
   During this month lots of things happened, actually. From all sorts of meetings and events, to moving to Estonia for couple of months! Yes, I am writing these lines in Tartu (of course, if you follow me on Instagram, that's no news to you!) - cozy Estonian city, known for it's university. I won a short-term scholarship for my Phd studies and I plan to spend my time here... reading (no complaints here!). Meanwhile, I invite you to Tartu virtually! Spring is comming here. Slowly, but steady!

5 Mar 2017

Kaziukas Fair 2017

Vilnius recently is living pretty active life: last weekend people were coming to the capital because of Vilnius Book Fair, and this weekend everything was all about the traditional Kaziukas Fair (Kaziuko mugė). Dating back to 1604, Kaziukas Fair is one of the most popular events in Vilnius, attracting thousands of people both from Lithuania and neighboring countries.