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2 Nov 2017

Trying Out Estonian Cosmetics: Puhas Loodus

If you haven't heard about "Puhas Loodus", I wouldn't judge you. Before I came to live in Tartu earlier this year, this particular Estonian brand was not on my radar either. One evening when I was chatting with my room-mate, she told me about this brand and showed what she was using, while encouraging to try it out myself. I bought two types of creams then and I bought many more of "Puhas Loodus" products during my stay in Narva last month. So this short review is based on my and my colleagues' impressions, who also decided to try it out. 

The company making "Puhas Loodus" (Est. Pure Nature) series is called "Orto" and was established in 1932. According to their homepage their cosmetics is based on "natural extracts and active eco-friendly ingredients". They offer various products for face, body, hands, feet and hair. 
   It is very hard to notice "Puhas Loodus" products in shops and mainly because of their packaging. Simple white tubes with little drawings of plants are no rivals for brightly colored production of other, more famous brands. But since it is natural cosmetics that we are talking about, that means that their goal is not the appearance but the content. Let's look closer at it.

I tried Moisturising and Protecting 24 H Cream with Rose Hip and Moisturising and Soothing Night Cream with Calendula. They both do not contain parabens, mineral oil and silicones. The only one ingredient that my app Clean Beauty warned me about was PEG 20 Sterate, but according to other sources, it is safe to use in cosmetics, so you have to choose which source to believe. 
   The cream with rose hip is very light and pleasantly smelling, and it does leave a feeling of moist skin during the whole day. My skin absorbs it very quickly, there is no irritation, redness or other unpleasant symptoms that would show that this cream does not fit to my skin. This cream is a win-win both in it's chemical composition and from the economical perspective - it costs around 3,70 € for 75 ml. 
  The night cream with Calendula is much heavier and thicker, it has to take its time to be absorbed into skin. It has this borderline pleasant smell, but since it is eco-friendly cosmetics, I shouldn't complain about that. Like the previous one, Calendula cream causes no irritation. Although I use this 24 H cream, there's never too much moisture for your skin! And its price is also a bargain - 3,20 € for 75 ml.

This time I also bought Soothing Cleansing Milk with Calendula (for all skin types). You have to apply it on your skin and remove the surplus with damp cotton pad. This product is 98% of natural origin, does not contain syntetic detergents, parabens, mineral oil, silicones. This milk is light and smells vaguely of calendula, but sadly, this little guy makes my face feel a little itchy. I tried it twice, both times it failed me. Oh, well, and this was the most expensive of them all - 200 ml for 5,50 €.

But that's not all! I wanted to test two other creams for mature skin, so I convinced my two colleagues (let's call them Mrs. A and Mrs. E) to participate in this testing too. 
   According to Mrs A, who tried Anti-Aging Day Cream with Grapes it is a good product in the context of natural cosmetics. Although she felt like it lacks some more active components, her skin absorbed it quickly and it left no traces or feeling of greasiness. It is not alergising, there was no irritation so, in general, she told me that she was content with this product. It costs around 6,50 € for 75 ml.
   My other colleague, Mrs E tried Antri-Wrinkle Cream with Birch Bud. Her skin is more complex, it is sensitive so there are many products that she can't use because of ingredients. Luckily, this cream did not cause any problems. In the context of natural cosmetics Mrs E would give the highest points to this product, especially in comparison to those that we have here in Lithuania. According to E, it is a quite heavy cream, it takes a whole night for it to soak into the skin, so, to quote, "You have a shiny muzzle" (*laughs to herself while writing this*)! She's not planning to use it in the future because it is, sadly, too heavy for her. The price of this one is around 6,50 € for 75 ml. 

Both Mrs A and Mrs E tried Moisturising and Soothing Eye Cream with Chamomile. As they both chanted to me in unison, it is quite good, light and quickly absorbed, leaves no feeling of grease or stickiness. Again, highest points in the category of natural cosmetics. This product  also does not contain parabens, mineral oil, or silicones. The price for this Eye Cream is around 6,30 € for 15 ml. 

I was very happy to get to know that Estonians also have a series of natural cosmetics. And although I'm a fan of Latvian brand "Mossa", "Puhas Loodus" is also a good alternative.

BTW, I found these products in Estonia and I'm not sure if they are sold in Lithuania or other countries. 

Have you tried any of these (or other) products from "Puhas Loodus" series? Share your experience!