10 Aug 2019

Madame en Vacances: Escaping Seaside

Laying all day on the beach is definitely not my style. First, I get easily sunburned. Second, I get bored after 30 minutes and even having a book beside me is of little help. So after spending one afternoon soaking in the sunlight (and forgetting to apply sunscreen on the behind of my knees, thus getting badly burned), others were spent exploring various places that were near Šventoji. So if you are a history geek and like to move more than stay put, this post should be definitely up your alley. These are the places that you could visit if you get bored of those (harsh) waves of the Baltic Sea.

6 Aug 2019

Madame en Vacances: Šventoji Chapter

"August is, basically, a gateway to autumn" - summed up my colleague once. I would call it a month when that summertime sadness, that Lana del Rey sung so lovely about, reaches its peak. Bittersweet joy fills our hearts and we desperately try to make the most of these last 31 days of "official summer". Me and my husband also jumped onto this bandwagon, so here we are, in Lithuanian seaside, where sky and sea merge at the horizon.