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5 Mar 2017

Kaziukas Fair 2017

Vilnius recently is living pretty active life: last weekend people were coming to the capital because of Vilnius Book Fair, and this weekend everything was all about the traditional Kaziukas Fair (Kaziuko mugė). Dating back to 1604, Kaziukas Fair is one of the most popular events in Vilnius, attracting thousands of people both from Lithuania and neighboring countries. 

This year I came to the Fair with a clear plan what I would like to buy (sweets and kvas, to be precise) and tried to find everything as fast as I can, because being pushed around by the crowd is not my definition of "fun". If you somehow (luckily) managed to skip Kaziukas Fair this year (because I experienced how a crowd can suck you in on my way to Vilnius university yesterday), take a look at the photos and see for yourself that nothing had changed. Thousands of people, rain, traditional crafts, baked potatoes and corns - they're all there. 

Photos © Asta Skujytė-Razmienė