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14 Apr 2017

New In: Stenders, Mossa, L'Erbolario

Spring is getting weird lately here in Estonia - with unexpected cold winds and snow (!), being outside looks less and less appealing. Since today is one of those days when staying inside is much better decision than taking a stroll somewhere in a park, I finally managed to prepare this post about the new beauty products that I tried recently. 

When coming to Estonia, I didn't pack my shower gel and shampoo because my idea was to buy them here. I decided to hit Stenders since up until now I haven't been disappointed by the quality of their products. This time I chose Cranbery Shower Gel, Shampoo and Conditioner for Coloured or Damaged Hair. 

   Once again I was left with good impressions: the gel is fragrant and leaves my skin smooth and moisturized. I don't know if this effect of smooth skin is because of cranberry extract and hydrolysed wheat proteins, or because (maybe) Estonian water has less calcium carbonate than Lithuanian (I'll have to try this gel when I'll come back home and write an update). The shampoo and conditioner smells fresh of some sort of herbs and does their job pretty good. Enriched with Pracaxi and free of parabenes, sulfates, silicones and colourants, these products are good choice, especially when looking at the interaction of price and quality.

Another Latvian beauty product that I bought here and have been using for the past two weeks is this Active Vitamin Toner by Mossa (I already have day cream from this same line with blueberries). I use it in the morning, before applying cream. Well, it smells nice of blueberries, that I can say for sure. It also leaves this feeling of refreshed skin, but how about purifying and toning part - I really have no idea. It's not bad, but when I have tried this toning lotion from Shiseido, I know what a product of a really good can do. 

This fluid deodorant by L'Erbolario I bought in Lithuania and have been using for more than a month now. This is an interesting case with this product, because I never actually liked liquid deodorants, but when I got a sample of this L'Erbolario product, I understood that using liquid product for your armpits can be quite pleasing. It has this creamy consistency and I massage it gently into the skin. Since it is a natural product, it's main goal is not to stop perspiration in general, but to erase the smell. It itself has this very subtle aroma of sage, that is unnoticeable. Since I've been trying various ecological deodorants (I still hope to prepare a proper post about it), this one is definitely a winner!