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28 Jun 2023


Swedish islands are my new favorite thing. Those rocky landscapes, waters all the way to horizon, and sea birds everywhere is the vibe that I am living for during the summer. Fotö left the best impressions in 2022, however Marstrand took our breath away.

Marstrand is both the town and the name of the island. It is situated in Kungälv Municipality, Västra Götaland County. This place is also known for being the place of the Scandinavia's first synagogue in 1780. In the 19th century Marstrand established itself as a seaside resort. There are indeed some lovely wooden architecture examples all over the town, so make sure to take a closer look!

The main atraction of the island can be seen from some distance already, and it's the Carlstens Fästning Fortress. Initial fortifications were built in 1658, however various parts of the fortress were added until 1860 when it was finally completed. At that time internationally it was regarded as one of Europe's strongest fortresses. All the work was carried out by prisoners sentenced to penal labour, consisting mostly of men. In 1882 the fortress was decommissioned as a permanent defense installation, although it was still in military use until 1993. Currently the fortress is a place for various events, you can even rent a room in there or order a guided tour. 

Make sure to take some time and walk around, as the views around the fortress are incredible. There are caves, small forests, hiking trails for those who want even more active time in Marstrand. So, the next time you'll find yourself somewhere around the region, make sure to spare some time for the island!

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