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19 Sept 2017

MADAME EN VACANCES V: Cities of Rhône-Alpes

Cities of the region of Rhône-Alpes are no less astonishing than its countryside. Packed with historical objects and museums, tiny cafes and gourmet restaurants they offer plenty of activity. In one of my previous posts I shared some photos from Vienne, and now it's time to talk about Lyon and Valence!

During my first visit in France five years ago I have explored the Old town of Lyon quite thoroughly, so this time me and my husband just had a nice promenade, without any hurry to go somewhere. It was very nice to stroll around and retrace our steps from our first meeting with this charming city. 

We also fixed our mistake form the previous visit and went to the Musée des Confluences - incredibly large museum with extensive collections on various topics. I really enjoyed their temporary exhibition on... poison! 
   Just one advice: the museum is incredibly popular so be sure either buy tickets in advance or come at least an hour before its opening! 

Next city on our list was Valence. According to our guide, there were things not only to see, but to taste too! Traditional pastry called "The Swiss" is made from sweet orange-flower. You can buy this cookie, looking like a Swiss guard soldier, at any bakery in the city. This specific shape was given to commemorate the presence of the Swiss guards in Valence at the beginning of XIXth century.

Stay tuned for more impressions and photos from France! 

Photos © Vincas Razma