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18 Nov 2017

Trying Out Italian Cosmetics: L’Erbolario

My acquaintance with Italian brand L'erbolario started more than a year ago, when I found a tester of their deodorant in one of the magazines I buy.  I got curious and started to be interested in this particular company and their creations. Today I wanted to share my thoughts on some of their products that I have tried during these past months!

I'll begin with the fact that L'erbolario is a brand making Eco-friendly cosmetics (and they have bunch of certificates to prove it). According to their website, they combine local herbalist traditions and latest research to make their products. Since I am very interested in natural and eco-friendly cosmetics, I wanted to try various products before jumping to conclusions. I bought their Walnut Shampoo, Abysnthium Deodorant Cream, Cremasalvia Fluid Deodorant, and Frescaessenza Perfume (100 ml and portable 14 ml). 

Let's begin with the Walnut Shampoo (Shampoo alla noce):

It re-balances, normalizes and reduces excess sebum on scalp and hair surface: this fine product is formulated with precious active ingredients and features a balanced cleansing base. In particular, this shampoo owes its effective action to the Walnut and its well-known qualities in treating oily hair. Its sebum-balancing effect means you can count on hair that stays cleaner longer, always light and full of body, plus this treatment is special because of how delicately it cleanses your hair. 

This shampoo was my most recent purchase. After emptying my old shampoo bottle I was in a dire need of a new one and since I've already had my eyes on this product, it was a chance to satisfy my curiosity.
   As its description says, it is a shampoo for oily hair. My hair is not very oily, but I would like to have it clean as long as possible so I thought this product to be the perfect solution. Well, it didn't work that way, and it's not because the shampoo is not doing its job, on the contrary! It does it so well and degreases hair even too much! After washing my hair, they felt like coarse material, a bit too rough, no silkiness. Even after I applied serum that usually does the trick and smooths them, there was almost no effect. I understood that it is too potent for my coloured mane and offered it to my sister who always complains about the state of her hair. And what do you know! For her, it works like a charm! She gave it the best reviews when we met and I understood that maybe this Walnut Shampoo was really not for my type of hair. So, according to my sis, it's 10/10. 

As I mentioned before, I got to know about L'erbolario from the tester of a deodorant, and it was the Abysnthium Deodorant Cream. Sadly, when I came to a shop looking for it, the deodorant was sold out and I decided to buy a substitute - Cremasalvia Deodorant

Fluid Deodorant Cream rigorously alcohol-free that owes its effective action to highly advanced plant-based substances. As in the case of Shikimic Acid: it is obtained from Star aniseed which, combined with the absorbent action of Zinc Ricinoleate, as well as Coconut and Turnip Rape phytocomplex and Vitamin E, prevents unpleasant odours from developing whenever applied.

I wrote about this product before so now you get an updated impression. So, at the beginning I was very content with the product. Sadly, after a month and a half of its usage, I stared to feel that it's not working properly anymore. I started detecting my own body odour and had to switch quickly to another deodorant. So, I guess it's 7/10.
   After this whole unsuccessful affair with the Cremasalvia I was quite afraid that this same scenario would repeat with the Abysnthium Deodorant Cream. When I (finally) got to purchase it I was still in my doubts, but after using it for one week I understood that it is a totally different situation.

A creamy and effective deodorant, formulated to provide a triple objective: to cancel the unpleasant effects of perspiration, to fight the formation of unpleasant odours and to offer you long-lasting freshness. The hydroglycerine extracts of three different Artemisia species offer their astringent and anti-free radical properties and work in combination with Vitamin E, a special biological antioxidant that prevents the breakdown of fatty acids from perspiration. The result is a pleasant feeling of long-lasting freshness, which is “under control” for the entire day.

First of all, it is a really long-lasting product and you do feel fresh throughout the day. Second, even though this deodorant doesn't stop perspiration totally but at least for me, it lessens the process quite visibly. Third, I just LOVE it's scent! It really smells of artemisia and something very fresh and clean. I do like the texture of this product: it is thick but light and you can easily control how much of the cream you want to apply. This one is definitely my favorite and I give it 10/10. 

And last but far from least is the Frescaessenza perfume! I stumbled upon it while going for a shopping spree with my colleague. I started trying out various perfumes and this one just knocked me out! 

What a pleasure to restore body and spirit with the invigorating notes of this Perfume, ideal for both women and men. A harmonious fragrance that is not only long – lasting, it intensifies, revealing a profound and revitalising heart.
Olfactive family: Woody
Head Note - Citrus: Yellow tangerine, Petit Grain Bigarade, Lime leaves, Pink
Heart note - Fresh: White lilac, absolute May Rose, Iris powder
Top down note - Woody: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, White Musk.

If I'd have to describe its scent I would say "crushed lime leaves with a hint of wood and grass". It's my go-to perfume during the spring and lifts my moods when when the autumn comes. I even bought a smaller version of this perfume just to carry in my bag for emergencies. It is not heavy and not too sweet - exactly the way I like it! 10/10 without a doubt!

Have you tried any of L'ebrolario's products? What are your impressions?