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23 Jul 2017

July Beauty Favorites (The Body Shop Products Review)

July is coming to an end and it's time for my (very irregular) review of the favorite beauty products of the month. This time I'm going to review new products from the The Body Shop that I bought just recently but they definitely are in my top 10 already!

Maybe you are going to laugh, but I discovered that I'm bold enough to wear a lipstick just two years ago. Since that time (or my vacations in Croatia, to be precise) I was searching for the perfect lipstick - bright, light, moisturizing, long-staying and, most importantly, as ecologic as possible. Last year I stumbled upon "Colour Crush" collection in TBS and just fell in love with their lisptick "Red Siren" (No. 101). Since then, this baby has always been in my cosmetics bag. It fits me when I'm happy, it fixes my mood when I feel under the weather. Just recently I added another one into my modest lipstick collection - "Blushing Pink" (No. 225).

What I like about these lipsticks the most is that they stay on my lips quite long. When I use their Lip and Cheek Stain as a primer, I can be sure that they are going to stay on my lips no matter what I do. And this gives some confidence, that after lunch you don't have to run to bathroom to reapply everything. These lipsticks also smell nice (reminds roses) and are quite easy to apply. 

The only problem that I see is the moisturizing aspect: "Red Siren" tends to dry my lips a bit, so I dab a little bit of lip balm after applying it. "Blushing Pink" is the opposite - it is too moist, so you have to measure it to get the nice balance between the right intensity of the colour and moisture. Otherwise, as I mentioned above, it is a great product and I can't recommend it enough!

   The second product that I'm going to introduce here is a multi-purpose balsam "Amazonian Saviour". I saw it one of the magazines that I buy and it was recommended for people with tattoos. Since I have one, and it is pretty large, I decided to give this product a try, especially since I saw that my tattoo changed its colour a little bit.

I've been applying it twice or trice a day, but it's too early to see the effect, so I'll keep you updated about this experiment. This balm is packed with various oils and waxes so it fits for very dry skin. Also it can be used in grooming beards, so this balm might be a good gift for a bearded boyfriend/husband, especially since it has no scent.

Since my skin becomes very dry during the autumn/winter seasons, I definitely test this not only on my tattoo. 

Last product is basically a must during the summer. And I'm talking about the "Moringa Body Mist". I bought my first Moringa-scented EDT when I was in Scotland, three years ago and since then I like this aroma very much. It's quite a sweet smell, but once the most intensive layer evaporates, it gives this pleasant grassy-flowery scent. 

So, that's all for now! What are your favorite products from TBS?

P.S. This post is NOT sponsored by The Body Shop, it's just my own opinion!