31 Mar 2020

Korean Dramas to Binge-watch

Korean dramas or K-dramas are my guilty pleasure. It all started years ago, when my sister showed me You Are Beautiful (미남이시네요) and I later googled out the guys who performed in it (thus discovering the world of K-pop and diving further down the rabbit hole...). Because our current entertainment is limited to the internet and TV, I thought that I could share the list of my favorite dramas with you. Especially since some of my friends are now craving to watch something for distraction from this badly directed episode that is currently our reality, so why not K-drama?

22 Mar 2020

What a Nice Idea!

I have always admired creative and crafty people. Not only they follow their drams and vocation, they also share their works with others, thus brightening our days and lifting our spirits. This is a story on how I met one very special girl, who can turn fabric to loveliest blossoms and is as much fascinated with Peter Pan collars as I am! With her works taking more and more space in my jewelry box, I think it's time to talk about the Nice Idea!  

19 Mar 2020

Fragrance Discoveries | Byredo

Dear spring is here and even though many of us are contained in our flats or houses due to the pandemic, there are still many ways to enjoy the season. I begun with pinning some ideas to my Spring Moodboard on Pinterest, buying some fresh flowers, and a new scent from Byredo. Currently, with three different aromas in my modest perfume collection, it's about time to elaborate more on why am I so fond of this Swedish company and their fragrant creations.

15 Mar 2020

Introvert's Tips on How to Endure (and Even Enjoy) Self-quarantine

The world is in shambles. Well, at least that's the image I get after reading some news or scrolling through my Facebook feed and seeing my friends' posts. There are people fighting over the toilet paper, or buying all the bottles of liquid soap that were available at the store, leaving nothing for the others. And it's quite understandable, since most of the people are in sheer panic. Many countries are already in lockdown, or are going to enter one soon, Lithuania being no exception. From tomorrow, 16th of March, my country will officially be in quarantine, letting no one in or out of the country, requesting people to stay at home, closing shops and restaurants, leaving only food stores and pharmacies open. Being an introvert par excellence, I thought that I would like share some of my tips on how to handle and even enjoy this mandatory staying-at-home experience.