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22 Apr 2017

Living in Tartu: Week 3

Three weeks in Tartu basically just flew by: occupied with my studies, (still) fixing my health, and exploring the city on weekends I feel quite busy. Tartu has a lot to offer and I'm glad that I find here everything I need.

I spent Easter here, working on an article and walking around the city center. Of course that I had to stop by Werner's Cafe just to take a cup of my beloved cacao and a piece of tasty lime-mango cake.

I also painted some eggs, because, you know, traditions. It was the first time ever when I was decorating them with watercolor (I decided not to buy egg dye) and it turned out pretty well (maybe except the thing that watercolor later stained my fingers when I peeled them).

I already attended Cinamon cinema three times to watch Zookeeper's Wife, Logan and (for the second time) Beauty and the Beast. It's a small cinema theater, but very cozy and I really like going there for a movie night.

Also, the views from the cinema's hall are awesome!

As an architecture fan, I adore these ruins of  the Tartu Cathedral on Toomemägi hill. I went there during the first day of Easter and was watching how snowflakes (!!!) were landing through the roofless building.

Another place that I like to visit - the Angel Bridge. There is a belief that says that you have to hold your breath and make a wish when you cross it for the first time.

Since closing of the Kaarsild Bridge changed my route to University of Tartu, I've been passing the funky statue of a pig near the Market.

Near the bridge (Tartu has many bridges across the river) I usually meet all sorts of water birds, mainly ivory gulls and black-headed gulls who make lots of noise every day. They usually chill near the river and wait for people to bring something to eat.

This weekend I'm spending in Tallinn! At last I am going to see the capital and I hope to produce a post soon enough! Stay healthy!