31 Dec 2020

My 2020

The year of Our Lord 2020 is finally coming to an end. And what a year it was!.. From the bush fires in Australia, Black lives matter protests, presidential elections in USA, presidential elections and its aftermath in Belarus, to the COVID-19 pandemic that stopped the world in its tracks - this year had it all and more. Globally, it was a year full of challenges, but as the midnight is drawing nearer it is the time for me to rethink what kind of year 2020 was for me personally, as the tradition of this blog behests. 

26 Dec 2020

I am (NOT) Driving Home for Christmas

Oh, Christmas, my favorite holiday! Even during the pandemic, I still have kindled a small hope that I'll be able to see my parents and continue our family's tradition of spending Christmas Eve and Christmas itself together. Alas, as it turned out, this year we had to repeat the Easter scenario and meet our loved ones via Zoom. As I was tucking away all the gifts that someday (probably when the quarantine restrictions will be lifted) are going to be delivered, I decided to roll up my sleeves and try to make the most of this (gloomy) situation. 

19 Dec 2020

DIY: 1940s Cape

This year I have rediscovered passion for making my own clothes. Not only it is more sustainable nature vise, but also I can make clothing items that I would not be able to purchase anywhere. For example, this 1940s cape that I begun to make in October and finished in the last days of November. 

14 Dec 2020

Saying Goodbye to Your Pet

2020 sure is something. Somehow I have hoped that personally, it is going to be a year that I am just going to cross out of my life, because little happened besides sitting in my own flat and zooming my eyes out. However I was sorely mistaken. Just more than a week ago, on the 5th of December, I had to say goodbye to my beloved pet cat Puka. Although the loss is still affecting me a lot, I decided to dedicate this blogpost to those who have a terminally ill pet and are in a situation where they have to choose what to do: to try and to combat the ailment to the last minute or release the pet into the Fields of Eternal Hunt.