18 Aug 2020

Madame en Vacances: Vintage Outfits for Holiday

During the past year my closet has seen some changes: while couple of years ago I have owned only a few pieces of vintage clothing, today original vintage or vintage-inspired pieces are slowly replacing my modern clothes. It's a slow process, but I am working towards my goal that is a closet full of garments that I love to wear and enjoy while doing it. So if last summer when I went on vacation I took only a couple of vintage clothes, this year I decided to challenge myself and to pack a full bag of old-timey outfits.

14 Aug 2020

Madame en Vacances: Discovering Nida

 2020 being a total mess, my husband and I decided to play it as safe as possible and chose to spend our vacation in our own country, Lithuania. We picked Nida as our destination and I could not be more happy, because even though long long time ago I had stepped on the soil (or sands, to be more precise) of Curonian Spit, I have never been to Nida before. So, after leaving our dearest pets in my parents' care, off we went.