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16 May 2017

Iguana Paradise

If you ever google "What to see in Cancun?", Tulum is going to be one of the top ten places recommended to see. And if you're going to follow these recommendations, be prepared to meet hundreds of others, who thought to do this same.

Luckily, Tulum is big enough for everyone! When I think back now, this former Maya port town was one of the most beautiful places that I saw trough our journey. Surrounded by stone walls, full of blooming trees, green grass (I have to mention that grass is pretty rare in Quintana Roo in general), and remains of majestic buildings, this site emanated calm atmosphere.

We have joined a group for this tour, so our time to look around in this striking place was ridiculously short. Our tour guide was limited by his vocabulary, but also very determined to tell everything that he thought was necessary for us to know about Tulum and Maya civilization. For us two, who had already heard lots of Maya facts during our previous trip to Chitchen Itza, this was quite unnecessary, less interesting and, in general, quite disappointing. But we couldn't leave the group, so after the lecture (cause it really felt like it) we just run around the place, took some pictures and tried not to step on iguanas, that just thrive there.

We looked at the sea bathing people with great envy. The beach looked so wonderful, but since our time was running out, we had to head back to our bus. Thanks to our skills of quick walking, we arrived to the departure place even few minutes earlier and had a chance to buy some ice cream. So if you ever plan to go to this place, go on your own pace and enjoy it fully!

In my next post I will share my impressions from  Cobá - an incredible place where you can still climb to the top of a pyramid!