27 Nov 2017

My Christmas Wishlist

This year my traditional Christmas Wishlist is very short. It's not the first time when I set my mind on a very precise thing. This year, oh dear Santa, my wishlist is narrowed down to perfume.
18 Nov 2017

Trying Out Italian Cosmetics: L’Erbolario

My acquaintance with Italian brand L'erbolario started more than a year ago, when I found a tester of their deodorant in one of the magazines I buy.  I got curious and started to be interested in this particular company and their creations. Today I wanted to share my thoughts on some of their products that I have tried during these past months!

12 Nov 2017

Summer Moments: Trip to France

The best cure for the autumn gloom are photos with encapsulated summer memories, don't you agree? This year when me and my husband were traveling to France, I took my old (and quite heavy) camera Zenit TTL and two camera films for the sake of photos with a little bit different vibe than the ones you would get with the digital camera. Just recently I got one of the films developed and I just had to share the results with you!

10 Nov 2017

Gabija Grušaitė | Stasys Šaltoka. Vieneri metai

Pradėsiu nuo to, kam šios knygos skaityti nerekomenduoju: tiems, kurie aktyviai nesinaudoja socialiniais tinklais (prisijungimas kartą per mėnesį prie FB, ar paskyros IG turėjimas, nekeliant ten nuotraukų nesiskaito); tiems, kuriuos purto nuo to, kad jauni žmonės savo kalbą tirštai prifarširuoja anglicizmais; tiems, kurie savo gyvenimą yra išsiaiškinę ir labai nori, jog ir kiti sektų jų pavyzdžiu - believe me, - kaip pasakytų Stasys, - it doesn't work that way. Visiems kitiems baltiems potsovietiniams hipsteriams (šitą ne aš sugalvojau, tai citata iš knygos) ši knyga yra a must. Bet apie viską iš pradžių. 

2 Nov 2017

Trying Out Estonian Cosmetics: Puhas Loodus

If you haven't heard about "Puhas Loodus", I wouldn't judge you. Before I came to live in Tartu earlier this year, this particular Estonian brand was not on my radar either. One evening when I was chatting with my room-mate, she told me about this brand and showed what she was using, while encouraging to try it out myself. I bought two types of creams then and I bought many more of "Puhas Loodus" products during my stay in Narva last month. So this short review is based on my and my colleagues' impressions, who also decided to try it out.