23 Apr 2020

Spring Revelations

The spring is in full swing, as well as the quarantine here in Lithuania. It's already week 6 and, apparently, we're going to stay at home till the 11th of May (if the quarantine wouldn't be extended again). The days of sheer panic, buckwheat hoarding (the Lithuanian equivalent of the toilet paper), and lack of hand sanitizers are in the past. Now, I'd say, we are in this "well, this is how I live now" stage, where putting on a mask before leaving home is the new habit, and silently praying not to meat anyone while landing down the stairs is the new mantra. And, yes, I am exaggerating, but the fact that this whole situation had an impact on how we carry on with our daily lives is undeniable. Nevertheless, as I am continuing to spend my days (mostly) in our flat, it got me thinking that my life is finally having a pace that I am happy with. And let me explain why.

14 Apr 2020

Easter 2020. Quarantine Edition

Since this whole spring is being spent in self-isolation, as the Easter was drawing nearer it became quite obvious that me and my parents will have to celebrate it separately. Thus I was challenged by baking all the mandatory dishes and painting Easter eggs. I am happy to announce, that it all turned even better than I expected!