28 Oct 2016

Back to Reality: The Life of Lithuanian Academic

I don't know how about you, but when someone mentions academic life, you usually would think about prestige, academic achievements and world-wide endorsement. Well, here in Lithuania things are a little bit different.

24 Oct 2016

Few Days in Kagawa-ken

One of the tree places that I got to visit in Japan (other two are Tokyo and Matsue) was Takamatsu city (高松市) in Kagawa prefecture (香川県). There I had my first home-stay in a foreign family and I'm quite happy how it worked out!

19 Oct 2016

A Place Where the Gods Meet: Introducing Matsue City

Back off, Tokyo and step aside, Kyoto! We have new player in the house and its name is Matsue!

14 Oct 2016

Skyscraper Jungle: Tokyo

Long long time ago, in one of Lithuania's villages lived a simple teenage girl who had one wish - to visit Japan. As time went by, the dream still looked as a dream and was locked away, while the girl immersed herself in the new life that she created in the capital. And one day pretty much a miracle happened - that girl got plane tickets to Japan! 
   As you might guessed by now, that girl is me. And this is the first post about my adventures in Japan.