23 Mar 2018

Sigita Petrunina | Ten kur namai. Gyvenk kaip patinka

Pavasariniam tvarkymosi įkarščiui pamažu užvaldant mano mintis, įkvėpimo naujoms idėjoms ieškau tiek Pinterest'e, tiek savo mėgstamiausiame Country Living žurnale, tiek ir knygose apie interjerą. Viena iš jų - neseniai pasirodžiusi tinklaraštininkės Sigitos Petruninos (Ten kur namai) knyga Gyvenk kaip patinka. Kadangi knygos pavadinimas skamba kaip gyvenimo motto, susidomėjau - kaip tai galima atspindėti interjere? Tad ketvirtadienio rytą paskyriau tam išsiaiškinti.

17 Mar 2018

March: Week 3 Favorite(s)

 Spring is coming (although, technically it is spring already, but you know what I mean), so I decided to try some new products that would help me to hide my winter-outworn skin. Vitamin D aside, I thought about getting myself something that would help me look instantly refreshed. With this thought in mind I went to "The Body Shop", to see what they have to offer.

8 Mar 2018

The Tulip Fever

When all of a sudden you start seeing tiny pop-up stalls with tulips on each corner of the city, it can mean only one thing - International Women's Day is coming. Although on this day we are supposed to commemorate the movement for women's rights, it basically turned out to be the day when you just get a flower (preferably, a tulip) for being a woman. Even though the gesture itself is nice and flattering (I do love getting flowers as a gift!), but I think that we miss the whole point of this particular occasion. That's why today I want to talk about my personal role models, women, who inspire me to be myself and to pursue my goals.