20 Dec 2017

Last Minute Christmas Presents

If you just realized that there's only four days left until Christmas and your gift bag is still (half) empty, there's a chance that you might be the "lazy Santa" of this year... But fear not, cause I have some gift suggestions that might come in handy while searching something for your mother, sister, wife, girlfriend or friend! 

First of all, I am sorry, but I am no adviser if you are looking for a gift for a male member of your family or friend circle - I barely get some ideas for my husband and dad (and usually it is a book or a coupon for some sort of activities. At least for me, it works). I do find the lack of creative gifts for men quite disturbing. But at least it is different when the recipient is a woman! Since I usually don't want to join the train of "Christmas fever", I make lists in advance and buy gifts according to them. I always want to include something made in Lithuania, so my recommendation here is compiled entirely of Lithuanian brands! I own at least one thing from all of them and I can't stress enough how incredible all those creators are! So, here's the list:

   1. Amazing clay jewelry by Jovile El-Mansour;

   2. High quality leather products by Toks Visoks;

   3. Natural and eco-friendly cosmetics from Uoga Uoga;

   4. Gorgeous fabric petals by Nice Idea;

   5. Merry and bright backpacks by Sugulovas;

   6. Jolly toilet bags by Urban Plaice;

   7. Beautiful leggings by Due Fashion.

Stay sane during the last days before Christmas!

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