31 Jan 2020

My Morning Routine: Skincare Edition

My search for the perfect skincare products continues, so this time I am introducing the current "residents" of my bathroom's shelf. Four bottles, three different brands, and the list of pros and (some) cons. Let's start!

18 Jan 2020

New Habits and other plans for 2020

Couple of weeks ago I was celebrating my birthday and as a gift, I asked my husband to take me to Kaunas, because I wanted to visit the M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art. And while I was standing in front of one of his most famous works, "Rex", I started thinking about the pretty grim future that awaits us (perfect illustration would be this sculpture called "Extinction" by Algimantas Kensminas), if we continue to ignore climate change and do nothing. With parts of Australia burning, Venice being flooded and then left almost dry, and the past decade being declared as warmest on record, it's hard to pretend that everything is ok. Heck, even here in Lithuania is pretty obvious that something's not right - we are having an incredibly warm January, with temperatures rising to 8,6 C, and snow is necessary to restore the depleted water sources that are still recovering from record-breaking droughts last year and the year before... So with all this in mind, I started to think how can I change my habits in order to produce less waste, especially plastic, how can I live a comfortable life but also be calm that my actions are not affecting the nature? And that's how my personal 2020 challenge was born. 

6 Jan 2020

10 Years. A Review

2020s are here and I think the best way to start it is by doing a short review of this past decade of my life. If these ten years would be made into a movie, it would be a coming of age story where the heroine would struggle to prove to everybody (but mostly herself), that she is worth something. I think it would get an average rating on IMDb and somebody would write that the movie is fun to watch because most of the situations are relatable. Jokes aside, let's do a quick run through the pages of my life during these past ten years.