20 Nov 2020

How I Started Buying Men's Clothing

November is almost over and although temperature keeps above the zero most of the time (morning frosts are rare this year), constant rain and lead-coloured clouds makes one to look for warmth and cosines. Yes, it is the sweater weather time, so I went and dug out all my packed away knits, looking for something nice to wear while the quarantine continues and all our days slowly merge into one. I was taken aback that although I have quite a lot of warm and lovely sweaters for outing purposes, I almost have nothing to wear day-to-day at home, both to look representable enough if the need of a Zoom call arises, as well as to feel comfortable while cooking dinner or lounging on a sofa with a book. What's more, although I have some nice looking knits, they have their own problems, mostly many of them being too... short. That's why today I went for a quick second hand store shopping spree and as the title of this post suggests, I ended up in the men's section of clothing. So here's an explanation how and why did it happen.