31 Dec 2016

My 2016

So, the infamous 2016 has come to an end. It was a very strange 365 days, wasn't it? My faith in humanity was restored and lost so many times, that I just start caring less and less in the end. Looking from the global perspective it was a year of conflicts, misunderstandings, dirty political games and so on... When all you want is a peaceful life for you and everybody else, all these news shake you to the core, but I believe in positive thinking that can form the world around us, so I do wish and hope that 2017 will be the time to fix everything that happened this year.
   For me personally, this was quite a successful year. Instead of choosing the most memorable moments of each month, as I did before in my previous blog, I decided to talk about the certain fragments of my life this year. So let's begin!

29 Dec 2016

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

While waiting for the New Year and thinking about my NY resolution (don't tell me that you don't do this) I thought that I'll share with you some moments from this year's Christmas Eve and Christmas. Although the snow was again an element that was lacking, I enjoyed these festivities with all my heart and together with my family!

27 Dec 2016

Assasin's Creed. The Movie Review

 I know I should be writing about how I celebrated Christmas this year, I even have the photos prepared, but I just came back from the cinema where I watched "Assasin's Creed. The Movie". A movie, which I have been waiting maybe even more than Christmas itself (as, I believe, most of the AC fans did), not only because one of my favorite game franchises entered the big screen, but also because of Michael Fassbender, who was selected to play the main role of Callum Lynch/Aguilar - the protagonist of the movie. My hopes got pretty high, like that soaring eagle from the AC games, but that, my friends, was a mistake. And let me, avoiding spoilers as much as I can, explain why.

23 Dec 2016

Christmas Eve Traditions in My Family

Christmas, without a doubt, is the biggest holiday of the year. But for me personally, it's the Christmas Eve that I'm looking forward the most, and since it's tomorrow (!!!), I just want to tell you what makes it so special to me.

21 Dec 2016

Gift For Her

Only three days are left until the Christmas! But if instead excitement you get anxiety, that's far from festive. One of the reasons why you can't enjoy upcoming holidays might be that you still lack a gift for your wife/girlfriend/mother/mother-in-law (you name it). And I might have a solution.

18 Dec 2016

Ransom Riggs - "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children"

Paauglių literatūros pasaulyje jau kuris laikas linksniuojamas amerikiečių rašytojo Ransom Riggs vardas ir pavardė. 2011 m. išleista knyga "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" (Quirk Books) tapo bestseleriu ir buvo pradėta versti į kitas kalbas (lietuviškas vertimas - 2012 m., Alma littera), o netrukus susilaukė ir dviejų tęsinių. Vieną snieguotą gruodžio popietę ši knyga atsidūrė ir mano rankose, kurį laiką rymojo ant naktinio stalelio, na o šiandien užverčiau paskutinį jos puslapį. 

17 Dec 2016

My Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is coming, and shortly afterwards - my birthday, so here's a guide of what I might like to get as a gift. As my practice shows, this is the best way to help people from the misery when buying gifts and myself from thinking where to put a gift that is far from what I need that moment...

Book | Watercolour | Moleskine Sketchbook | Handcream

16 Dec 2016

Christmas is Coming to Town

Since Christmas is just around the corner (only one week left!), I feel that it's a must to write something about the upcoming holiday. Well, I wouldn't share any DIY project or recipe how to bake the best gingerbread cookies in town. This time I'm all about creating Christmas mood in my house.

30 Nov 2016

Of Christmas Trees and Spirits

These past few days I've been discovering Riga that is preparing for Christmas and  have to admit that it looks M A G I C A L! City's medieval appearance intertwines with jolly Christmas tunes that are played in Doma Laukums all day long, and I, personally, really enjoy the possibility to grab a glass of mulled wine from a sweet old lady in the Christmas market (what I did while waiting the lighting of Christmas tree three days ago). Riga is the very place to feel the coming of biggest festivities!

26 Nov 2016

One More Time: Rīga

I don't know how it happens, but every year I come to the capital of Latvia - Riga. Each time the purpose is different, each time this city shows me something different. This year I'm staying in Riga  because of my PhD studies and for a longer time than usual, so I've got some time to explore the city before the biggest holydays of the year.

9 Nov 2016

Autumn in Vilnius: How to Embrace it

I don't know how about you, but autumn to me looks like kind of tricky season. Here in Lithuania, or in Vilnius (to be more precise) autumn can start... bothering you. Not because of those highly praised colorful and picturesque views or the fact that it's sooo romantic to walk through the old town, sip hot coffee from your cup and see all those colorful leaves under your feet. It's the lack of Sun that upsets me the most. Somehow during this season we get only few sunny days and when the grey sky is hanging over your head for continuous weeks, you start thinking that the seasonal depression is not a myth. So this is what I do to keep my spirits up!

2 Nov 2016

Feeling Like a Lady

Saturday offered me an opportunity that was a complete opposition to the Friday's events  - a dinner in the Butautai manor. Life is full of contrasts, I have to admit it!

28 Oct 2016

Back to Reality: The Life of Lithuanian Academic

I don't know how about you, but when someone mentions academic life, you usually would think about prestige, academic achievements and world-wide endorsement. Well, here in Lithuania things are a little bit different.

24 Oct 2016

Few Days in Kagawa-ken

One of the tree places that I got to visit in Japan (other two are Tokyo and Matsue) was Takamatsu city (高松市) in Kagawa prefecture (香川県). There I had my first home-stay in a foreign family and I'm quite happy how it worked out!

19 Oct 2016

A Place Where the Gods Meet: Introducing Matsue City

Back off, Tokyo and step aside, Kyoto! We have new player in the house and its name is Matsue!

14 Oct 2016

Skyscraper Jungle: Tokyo

Long long time ago, in one of Lithuania's villages lived a simple teenage girl who had one wish - to visit Japan. As time went by, the dream still looked as a dream and was locked away, while the girl immersed herself in the new life that she created in the capital. And one day pretty much a miracle happened - that girl got plane tickets to Japan! 
   As you might guessed by now, that girl is me. And this is the first post about my adventures in Japan.

26 Sept 2016

Eight Hours in Copenhagen

Yesterday I started my life's greatest adventure (yet) - for two weeks I'm going to live in... Japan! It' s my dream come true, actually, but I'll write about it more later. Now, I want to write a little bit about Copenhagen, where I had my transfer flight and eight hours of waiting in between. Since I'm traveling not alone, our group of ten Lithuanians decided to search for nice place to brunch and see the town a little. It was my first time ever in Denmark, so here's some pictures that I took on one really early Sunday morning...

19 Sept 2016

Unės Kaunaitės "Laiškai Elzei" pristatymas arba teksto kinematografija

Tokie rudens vakarai, koks buvo šis yra tobuli: giedri, su jau smagiai skruostus ir nepridengtas rankas gnaibančia vėsuma bei galimybe apsirengti  ką nors iš to, na, šiltesnio garderobo. Štai tokiu metu man ypač patinka minti dviračio pedalus, smagiai aplenkiant kamščiuose stovinčias mašinas. Nuoširdžiai džiaugiuosi, kad šįvakar mane į tokį gražų rudenėjantį Vilnių ištraukė du dalykai: renginys ir beveik darbinis susitikimas. Apie susitikimo tikslą papasakosiu greitu metu, tačiau šis įrašas skirtas tokiam šauniam pasibuvimui, dėl kurio kai patrakusi myniau į Gedimino prospekto galą (čia kad ta vėsuma kuo mažiau gnaibytų). Neseniai po rekonstrukcijos duris atvėrusioje Nacionalinėje Martyno Mažvydo bibliotekoje vyko Unės Kaunaitės trečiosios knygos Laiškai Elzei sutiktuvės-diskusija. 

14 Sept 2016

Exploring Poland, Part 7: Where and What to Eat

Before my journey to Poland I wrote that "we have three weeks to explore this country: to taste it's traditional cuisine (sadly, I imagine, it is quite similar to ours...)". And my dear Lord, I couldn't have been more wrong...

13 Sept 2016

Exploring Poland, Part 6: Fun in Warsaw

After I came back from my vacation, the most often asked question was "Did you liked Warsaw?" I did, actually. And I'll tell you why.

12 Sept 2016

Exploring Poland, Part 5: Lublin Voivodeship

According to Wikipedia, Lublin is the 9th largest city in Poland. For us, Lithuanians, it is important because of the year 1569, the Union of Lublin. Since we stayed in Kazimierz Dolny, Lublin was not too far away, so at (almost) the end of our journey, we got to explore the Lublin Voivodeship.

4 Sept 2016

Exploring Poland, Part 4: Krakow and Something More

Autumn has arrived and I'm still remembering our summer trip to Poland. I wish I could be more consistent with my blog updates, but, as the lyrics in one song go, life is life (na-na na-na-na...). However, this time I prepared a post not only about Krakow (as I promised in the post before), but also what you can see around this magnificent city of kings and queens.

30 Aug 2016

Exploring Poland, Part 3: Silesia

To be in Poland, but not to visit the mountains should be considered a crime. After we left the seaside, our road continued in Silesia Region. Instead of popular Zakopane, we chose to visit Karzkonosze mountains and see what this corner of Poland has to offer.

29 Aug 2016

MJR XIX: Coming Back Home

Summer is almost over and what could be better than say your goodbyes in a festival? I know that I should continue posting about my vacation in Poland, but I can't skip the events of the last weekend: for four years in a row I closed my summer season in Mėnuo juodaragis (my previous experiences at this festival can be found here, here and here )!

25 Aug 2016

Exploring Poland, Part 2: Pomerania

After Poland astonished us with beautiful lakes and cozy towns, we decided to hit the beaches of the Baltic sea. That meant that our next stop is Pomerania Region, where the city of Gdansk is located.

24 Aug 2016

Exploring Poland, Part 1: Warmia, Mazuria and Białystok Region

Hey there! How are things, dear internet? 
My summer vacation is (sadly) over. What is left, is just brush off the journey dust from my shoes, look at pictures and remember the smells and tastes of fascinating neighboring country - Poland. This post is the first one of the series which I quickly called "Exploring Poland", where I'll try to explain what is so amazing about this (enormously) big country!

31 Jul 2016

Preparing for Journey

July has come to an end and when you think about it in the context of summer, you know that there's not much of it left - just one month. And since I didn't have my vacation yet, it means that I must make it count!

27 Jul 2016

Dreaming About Vacation

In less than a week I'm going on vacation! Whoohoo, I really, really can't wait!!! Most of my friends already can boast about their amazing trips and superb tan (scrolling through Facebook's and Instagram's  feeds was quite painful this whole month), but, finally, my time has come (well, is coming) too!
   I'll reveal my destination in a few days, meanwhile, I'm posting here some photos of  my summer in Lithuania's capital (which, thanks to unbearably hot and humid weather, now more reminds of some tropical island's capital...)!

14 Jul 2016

#TBT: The Halfway Point of Summer

I know that I'm not entirely correct, there's still one day left untill the actual middle of the summer (if we count June 1st as an official beginning of this season). Both you, my dear readers, and me, we all had some plans for this summer, I'm pretty sure of it. But as time passes by (oh, what a dreadful habit this time has...) I started wondering how many things I can cross of my "to do" list. 

11 Jul 2016

My New Companions: Review

I already wrote about one of my last findings - Mixa cream - in one of my previous posts. This time I've tested some new beauty products and decided that it's time for another review!

10 Jul 2016

Days of Live Archaeology in Kernavė 2016

Yesterday I visited one of the most beautiful places in Lithuania - Kernavė. My husband and I, we really wait for the Days of Live Archaeology that happen in this little town. I already have introduced you my yesterday's outfit that I completed with some small but meaningful details, inspired by Baltic culture. This post is all about the things you can see in this festival.

9 Jul 2016

Feeling Baltic

7 Jul 2016

PKS XI: Sun, Rain and Sailing Away

A week ago I was spending my time among my friends and colleagues at the 11th Seminar of Indigenous Culture (Prigimtinės kultūros seminaras). This time we were discussing the relationship between indigenous culture and freedom

28 Jun 2016

Wardrobe and Passion for Shopping: Searching for Balance

One thing that I am still uncomfortable admitting to others is my passion for clothes. Various shapes, colors, materials... I can't imagine how some of my friends can live with few basic T-shirts and a pair of jeans, or go wearing this same clothes to work for few days in a row (that's what my husband sometimes does...) - this way of living is definitely not for me! I need clothes to suit my mood. But, to paraphrase the famous thought from "Spiderman", with many clothes comes great headache. That's why I decided to share my thoughts on how to (try) balance wardrobe's content and passion for shopping. 

26 Jun 2016

Little Summer Moments

While incredible heat prevents me (and everybody else here in Lithuania) from doing anything outside during the day, I tend to crawl from the house at early morning and late evening. This tactic was very useful during my stay chez mes parents in the village, because even short venture outside to pick some strawberries could end with a first-degree burn. Bearing this in mind, I hardly went outside during this weekend and spent all my time reading near an open window. 
   Summertime in a village is marvelous even with this unbearable temperature. Sharing some photos that captured the last weekend of June.

19 Jun 2016

Exploring Vilnius: Užupis

It's already been eight years since I live in Vilnius and I have to admit, there are some parts of this town that I haven't explored yet. This sunny Sunday, my husband and I, together with our dog, decided to snoop around the Old town, to be more precise - Užupis district (or Užupis Republic, as ir is called by the locals). 

13 Jun 2016

Mixa Moisturising Balancing Cream Review

My skin and it's condition is very important to me. I do believe that you can tell lots of things just by a glance to person's face and it's skin. That's why I do take care of mine: since I spend my days in front of PC's screen and city's air is far from fresh and revitalizing, I have to moisturize and hydrate my skin a lot. After my unsuccessful attempt to use 100 % ecologic face cream, I went to the store and asked for help. "Mixa" was the face cream that was suggested to me by a consultant in the shop. So I gave it a go.

12 Jun 2016

#Eglynė 2016: Rain Rain Go Away!

5 Jun 2016

Father's Day 2016

Father's day is here! Traditionally, my dad comes to capital and we do some sightseeing around Vilnius. This year we traveled to Medininkai castle and visited highest places in Lithuania - Aukštojas and Juozapinė hills. Sharing some photos from today's wonderful trip!

23 May 2016

Laura Mizgirytė-Latour - 10 auksinių mados raktelių ieškančiai savo stiliaus

Lauros Mizgirytės-Latour rašiniai apie madą ir stilių žurnale "Laima" yra viena iš mėgstamiausių mano rubrikų jau seniai, todėl labai apsidžiaugiau sužinojusi, jog ši stilistė spaudai rengia knygą. Gegužės pradžioje įvyko knygos pristatymas, o štai praeitą savaitę iš knygyno namo ją parsitempiau ir aš! Kokybiško popieriaus sunkiasvorę (319 puslapių!) sukrimtau per vakarą, tačiau tai jokiu būdu ne vienadienis skaitalas.

16 May 2016

Lithuanian Spring

12 May 2016

Work and Life Balance

29 Apr 2016


There is no such thing as bad weather to enjoy blooming sakura trees in Vilnius! Although the sun is finally shining over the capital of Lithuania, these photos were taken few days ago, when rain was the most common guest in the city. 

25 Apr 2016

Carpe Diem

After this weekend I can proudly announce, that kayaking season is... OPEN! 

20 Apr 2016

Stenders Cosmetics Review

Last weekend's visit to Rīga was planned not only to enjoy the spring in Latvia's capital, but also to replenish my reserves of "Stenders" cosmetics. 

18 Apr 2016

Rīga, mana mīlestība (Part Two)

At least once a year I go to our neighboring country - Latvia. Rīga is my usual destination and one of my beloved cities (my frequent visits can be seen hereherehere and a little bit here and here :) ) - I find everything fascinating in there: from architecture to food. 

10 Apr 2016

Week Roundup

Finally, spring is here! I can find no words to express how much I missed riding my bike and going for a longer walks with our dog - the need was immense! But the wait is over and I start to live again! 

2 Apr 2016

Vaikų knygos diena 2016

Balandžio 2-oji yra ypatinga diena, o ne šiaip sau eilinis šeštadienis. Jau 50-ąjį kartą pasaulyje ir 24-ąjį Lietuvoje minima Tarptautinė vaikų knygos diena, kurios švęsti ir pasidžiaugti praėjusių metų knygų derliumi į Lėlės teatrą susirinko Lietuvos IBBY skyriaus nariai, rašytojai, dailininkai, vertėjai ir mažieji skaitytojai. Šioje šventėje pati dalyvavau jau ne pirmą sykį, tad žinojau, kad apturėsiu itin turiningą šeštadienį. Visos dienos įvykius sunku aprėpti, nes visko buvo daug (nuo seminaro iki spektaklio Sniego karalienė), bet svarbiausia - jog išrinkta geriausia metų knyga! Apie viską iš eilės - mano fotoreportaže!
31 Mar 2016

Decorating Easter Table

Although Easter is already over, but I still want to share with you how I decorated our table this year. I chose to wander a little bit away from the traditional imagery of Easter table and introduce more bright colors, various shapes, and materials.

24 Mar 2016

Spring Surprises

Last Sunday morning looked like a Christmas postcard - the scenery was incredibly white, with the ground and the trees covered with a thick layer of fresh snow. No wind was blowing, so everything reminded a white fairy tale. The only problem is that it was not Christmas!..