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2 Sept 2017

Madame en vacances I: Alsace

Autumn is a perfect background for summer memories, especially when the days are getting shorter, colder, and less exciting. It's time for me to share the moments from this year's trip to France. 

It was my second time in France (posts about the first one from 5 years ago are here), but for the first time we drove there by our car. It was a challenge, I have to say, especially for my husband, who was the only driver. We drove through Poland, Germany, had our airbnbs there, and on our third day reached the border of France. When we were planning our journey, we decided to have three stops in the region of Alsace and then go straight to our destination - Lyon. Our first stop was in Strasbourg. There wouldn't be any pics from this city, because our goal there was to do... some shopping! 
   Last year when I was travelling in Japan, my friend took me to Uniqlo store and I was basically enchanted by their clothes and quality. So this year, luckily, my husband agreed to my plan to visit one of the shops on our way to Lyon. And the nearest one was in Strasbourg! That's how we ended up in that city (which, by the way, is worth attention, especially the architecture!).
   When our hands were full of Uniqlo bags and our wallets got thinner, we headed to the second point on our map, Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg (Castle of Haut-Kœnigsbourg). 

This medieval castle is really worth attention, because it was in ruins, but was rebuilt in XIXth century, trying to mimic the original. It's red stone walls and high towers are indeed majestic, and if you rent an audio guide, you learn lots of intriguing facts about the castle and it's owners. 

After we finished our little tour there, we headed to the third object - a medieval town called Eguisheim. I learned about this place while reading some articles in a Lithuanian news website. The pictures really got me interested, so I sent a link to my husband and asked is there a chance that we could include this town into our schedule. And, after some short calculations, we understood that we can! 
   Although when we got there, the Sun was flirting with clouds, so we couldn't get the right light for our pictures, but we tried to explore the town and capture it's magnificent atmosphere. Now, looking back after having visited many more of French medieval towns, I can surely say, that Eguisheim was indeed one of the most beautiful places during our trip!

Stay tuned for more posts from our journey!

Photos © Vincas Razma, Asta Skujytė-Razmienė