31 Dec 2016

My 2016

So, the infamous 2016 has come to an end. It was a very strange 365 days, wasn't it? My faith in humanity was restored and lost so many times, that I just start caring less and less in the end. Looking from the global perspective it was a year of conflicts, misunderstandings, dirty political games and so on... When all you want is a peaceful life for you and everybody else, all these news shake you to the core, but I believe in positive thinking that can form the world around us, so I do wish and hope that 2017 will be the time to fix everything that happened this year.
   For me personally, this was quite a successful year. Instead of choosing the most memorable moments of each month, as I did before in my previous blog, I decided to talk about the certain fragments of my life this year. So let's begin!

29 Dec 2016

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

While waiting for the New Year and thinking about my NY resolution (don't tell me that you don't do this) I thought that I'll share with you some moments from this year's Christmas Eve and Christmas. Although the snow was again an element that was lacking, I enjoyed these festivities with all my heart and together with my family!

27 Dec 2016

Assasin's Creed. The Movie Review

 I know I should be writing about how I celebrated Christmas this year, I even have the photos prepared, but I just came back from the cinema where I watched "Assasin's Creed. The Movie". A movie, which I have been waiting maybe even more than Christmas itself (as, I believe, most of the AC fans did), not only because one of my favorite game franchises entered the big screen, but also because of Michael Fassbender, who was selected to play the main role of Callum Lynch/Aguilar - the protagonist of the movie. My hopes got pretty high, like that soaring eagle from the AC games, but that, my friends, was a mistake. And let me, avoiding spoilers as much as I can, explain why.

23 Dec 2016

Christmas Eve Traditions in My Family

Christmas, without a doubt, is the biggest holiday of the year. But for me personally, it's the Christmas Eve that I'm looking forward the most, and since it's tomorrow (!!!), I just want to tell you what makes it so special to me.

21 Dec 2016

Gift For Her

Only three days are left until the Christmas! But if instead excitement you get anxiety, that's far from festive. One of the reasons why you can't enjoy upcoming holidays might be that you still lack a gift for your wife/girlfriend/mother/mother-in-law (you name it). And I might have a solution.

18 Dec 2016

Ransom Riggs - "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children"

Paauglių literatūros pasaulyje jau kuris laikas linksniuojamas amerikiečių rašytojo Ransom Riggs vardas ir pavardė. 2011 m. išleista knyga "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" (Quirk Books) tapo bestseleriu ir buvo pradėta versti į kitas kalbas (lietuviškas vertimas - 2012 m., Alma littera), o netrukus susilaukė ir dviejų tęsinių. Vieną snieguotą gruodžio popietę ši knyga atsidūrė ir mano rankose, kurį laiką rymojo ant naktinio stalelio, na o šiandien užverčiau paskutinį jos puslapį. 

17 Dec 2016

My Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is coming, and shortly afterwards - my birthday, so here's a guide of what I might like to get as a gift. As my practice shows, this is the best way to help people from the misery when buying gifts and myself from thinking where to put a gift that is far from what I need that moment...

Book | Watercolour | Moleskine Sketchbook | Handcream

16 Dec 2016

Christmas is Coming to Town

Since Christmas is just around the corner (only one week left!), I feel that it's a must to write something about the upcoming holiday. Well, I wouldn't share any DIY project or recipe how to bake the best gingerbread cookies in town. This time I'm all about creating Christmas mood in my house.