31 Dec 2019

My 2019

Another year is almost over. There are already fireworks exploding outside and that means that Vilnius is ready to party. So it's time for the annual review, where I talk about what sort of year I had. And I can say in advance - 2019 was a fluffin' roller coaster. 

12 Oct 2019

Trying Out: IsaDora Makeup Products

Makeup is one of the topics that I am interested in quite a lot recently. My Pinterest is filled with ideas for Korean makeup (I just love those gradient lips!), so for the past few months I've been experimenting more with styles and getting done it right, than trying out new beauty products. However, recently I bought few items made by IsaDora, so I thought that it's about time I bring back my reviews!

7 Oct 2019

I Received My PhD Degree. What's Next?

Goal achieved! More than a week ago I got my PhD degree in humanities and I can finally say that my studies are OVER! Eleven years of my life were dedicated to this moment and I am both happy about reaching the finish line, and somehow dispirited, since the road was not an easy one. So I thought that even though I gave my thank-you speech at the ceremony, I left many things unsaid. So these are some of my thoughts on my path to academia and an attempt to answer the eternal question: was it wort it?

8 Sept 2019

Summer Summed Up

It's September once again and although it still feels quite summery outside, you barely can miss the signs of early autumn: cooler nights, heavily dewy mornings, withered leaves crackling under your feet. I kind of long for this sweather weather time that awaits us, but at the same time my mind drifts to the sunny moments from this summer. And since I was not able to produce much of a content (to put it nicely) during this season, I thought that squeezing those past three months into one blog post is a good idea. Let's see if I was right!

10 Aug 2019

Madame en Vacances: Escaping Seaside

Laying all day on the beach is definitely not my style. First, I get easily sunburned. Second, I get bored after 30 minutes and even having a book beside me is of little help. So after spending one afternoon soaking in the sunlight (and forgetting to apply sunscreen on the behind of my knees, thus getting badly burned), others were spent exploring various places that were near Šventoji. So if you are a history geek and like to move more than stay put, this post should be definitely up your alley. These are the places that you could visit if you get bored of those (harsh) waves of the Baltic Sea.

6 Aug 2019

Madame en Vacances: Šventoji Chapter

"August is, basically, a gateway to autumn" - summed up my colleague once. I would call it a month when that summertime sadness, that Lana del Rey sung so lovely about, reaches its peak. Bittersweet joy fills our hearts and we desperately try to make the most of these last 31 days of "official summer". Me and my husband also jumped onto this bandwagon, so here we are, in Lithuanian seaside, where sky and sea merge at the horizon.

18 Apr 2019

Santiago de Compostela

It's always nice to experience things for the first time, were it new tastes, new occupations or new sights. Spain was pretty high on my personal Must Visit list of countries, so when the opportunity to join my work and love for travelling arose, I couldn't say no. That's how I ended up in Santiago de Compostela, the capital of piligrims of catholic faith. With it's narrow streets, filled with clacking of walking sticks, Santiago found a way to my heart. 

15 Feb 2019

Te Amo Bergamo

Milano is a glamorous and attractive city, but there is one particular place in Northern Italy that just cannot be ignored. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Bergamo, charming city surrounded by mountains.

9 Feb 2019

Milano in Three Days

If you're planning a trip to Milano, there's lots (and I mean LOTS) of blogposts and articles, about what to see there and what to do, where to eat and where to go for a shopping spree. That's why this blog post is entirely about what made my heart flutter while exploring this buzzing and bustling metropolis. So let's start walking the memory lane!

2 Feb 2019

Milano Teaser

For the second year in a row I change Lithuanian January's weather for the Italian one. Last year it was Rome. This year my roads took me to Milano.

5 Jan 2019

Hug Your Thirties

That's right, fellas! Yesterday I waved my twenties goodbye and welcomed new decade of my life! I am beyond excited to start the new chapter of my life and see what the future brings!