30 Apr 2018

Bye-bye April!

Well this April was one tough month! Full of various events, intense studying, and trying to have some quiet time for myself (not happening, apparently), these past 30 days were like a crazy roller coaster!

22 Apr 2018

花見. 2018 Edition

Spring has finally arrived and there is no better way celebrating it than taking an example from Japanese people and admiring blooming sakura trees. Chiune Sugihara Sakura Park  is the "it" spot in Vilnius when these trees start to blossom and for many years now I try not to miss it! 

15 Apr 2018

Weekend Getaway. Astravas Manor

When days are getting warmer and nature is finally waking up from its long slumber, it's the perfect time for short trips! This weekend I decided that it's about time that I revisited one of the places that I remember from my childhood - Astravas Manor in Biržai.

8 Apr 2018

Vilnius Whisky Festival

One of my (many) interests is... whisky. I have been interested in this particular drink since my trip to Scotland (naturally) in 2014, and while trying to get to know this intricate liquor better, I discovered Vilnius Whisky Festival, the biggest event for whisky lovers in the Baltic counties.