25 Jun 2018

St. Johns Day, or From Dusk Till Dawn

St. John's Day (or Rasos, Kupolė) is one of the most important celebrations in Lithuania and neighboring Latvia. Summer Solstice is celebrated everywhere: from grand public events to private parties, everybody puts on a wreath of flowers or oak leaves (especially if you are Jonas (John) or Janina (Jane)) and marks this special day, this peak of summer.

14 Jun 2018

Blogger's Day is Here!

First of all - happy International Blogger's Day to all my virtual colleagues out there! It's so nice to see how Lithuanian blogger community is growing! This time I want to answer to one question that I've heard so many times up till this day - "How do you find time to write a blog?"

4 Jun 2018

Father's Day 2018

Who was your first hero? I kinda guess that it might have been your dad! This weekend Lithuania celebrated Father's Day and I was happy to meet my dad in Vilnius once again!

1 Jun 2018

Fragrance Discoveries | Pour Elle by Angel Schlesser

Ah, summer!.. Sun, bare legs, and heart filled with wanderlust! Yesterday I found myself sitting in our garden, wrapped in a scent of blooming peonies and jasmines, and thinking about what I would like to do this summer (BESIDES writing my PhD thesis, of course). The more I've pondered upon that, the more I noticed how I like this mix of blossoms that surround me, their wonderful aroma, and how it would be wonderful to own perfume that would capture this magical evening. And today I found the answer.