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6 Oct 2017

MADAME EN VACANCES VII: Marvellous French Alps

There is this saying, that if you want to know the real face of a person, go to the mountains together. It is indeed an environment that somehow lets you be who you truly are. When we planned our trip to France, I really wanted for us to go to the French Alps. Although my husband has been there previously, he gladly accepted my proposition and we made the town of Chamonix Mont Blanc our last stop in France.

I have to admit, that coming here after our stay in Ardèche there was immense difference: scorched landscapes turned to lush green meadows and both goats and sheep were changed by cows. Since up till now I have been only in Karkonosze mountains (Poland), I was so impressed by the beauty and size of Mont Blanc peaks that it almost made cry!.. There's something incredibly powerful in the mountains and I really hope that I'll see more of them during my life!

Stay tuned for the conclusion of our adventures in France!

Photos © Vincas Razma