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13 May 2017

Hola Mexico! Pt. 1

Hello internet! How are things? Sorry for not blogging for quite a while, but I have a good excuse. My crazy life just upgraded to even crazier, since just recently I came back from a very short vacation in... Mexico! 

This trip was very unexpected, pretty much like a thunder from clear skies! All thanks goes to my husband and the company he works for, because otherwise this part of the world would be left unexplored by me for quite a long time, since I am more interested in East than West. But this was an amazing chance to cross Mexico out of my list sooner!

This time we decided to do things differently. No guide books, basically no research on the country or the city that we were arriving to. We just thought that it would be nice to see Chichén Itzá, since it wasn't that far from Cancún where we stayed and, basically, that's it. Later we thought to add Maya Cancun Museum and Isla Mujeres.

Our main idea was to relax and enjoy the views. No precise dates when and where to go. "You want to go to the beach? Ok, let's do that." "Let's take a ferry to an island!" - that's how we planned our days there. And for me, a person who usually plans everything as precise as possible (and later gets upset if something goes not "according to the plan"), this spontaneity was more than acceptable! 

When we wanted to eat, we just went to Trip Advisor's page and searched for recommended places. It was very interesting to discover tastes (usually too spicy and hot for us) of Mexico. I tried lots of things - from very European pastry to soups from jalapeno with grilled cactus! 

Cancún itself is a pretty recent place, with first buildings from 1970. It's a super-touristy place, packed with hotels and resorts. So if you think about a stroll through an old town, better forget the idea, there's no such thing here. And, besides, it's too hot during the day to do anything, besides laying on the sand like a happy seal (with lots of sunscreen spread generously over your body).

So, be prepared for series of posts from my trip to Mexico! Explore this majestic place together with me! Stay tuned!