29 Sept 2017

Postcards from Biržai

I have (again) abandoned my blog. Sadly, writing two presentations (one for a symposium and another for a conference) and keeping my blog updated is a bit too much for me... If you follow me on Instagram you probably know about my writing struggles already... Nevertheless I try to escape from this closed circle and just recently I visited lovely town of Biržai! I had a nice walk on the shores of Širvėna lake and enjoyed every last bit of this sunny Indian Summer No. 2!

19 Sept 2017

MADAME EN VACANCES V: Cities of Rhône-Alpes

Cities of the region of Rhône-Alpes are no less astonishing than its countryside. Packed with historical objects and museums, tiny cafes and gourmet restaurants they offer plenty of activity. In one of my previous posts I shared some photos from Vienne, and now it's time to talk about Lyon and Valence!

18 Sept 2017


I just love castles! Maybe this feeling stems from the fact that we have so few of them here in Lithuania? Well, while I was in France, finding and visiting these fancy places was quite high on my "To See" list. This post, as I promised in my previous one, is all about fantastic castles and where to find them! (Couldn't stop my inner bookworm from this quote here!)

17 Sept 2017

MADAME EN VACANCES III: Villages de caractère

Aaand with this post we're back to France (again)! This time I want to tell you about the Character Villages ("Villages de caractère") that we visited during our journey. Each of them was different and each of them we enjoyed exploring! 

9 Sept 2017

Must be an Indian Summer

Today we were rewarded with an exceptionally good weather, so it would have been a sin to stay at home and waist such a lovely day! "Must be an Indian summer", I was thinking to myself and quickly searching for a possible activity. 

7 Sept 2017


Our trip in France, after we left Alsace, continued in the region of Rhône-Alpes, which (as you will see in my future posts) is full of contrasts! But I wouldn't mess with our journey's chronology, so let me tell you about the first object visited after we reached our temporary home in the village near Lyon. Ladies and gentlemen, please say warm "Hi" to Vienne!

2 Sept 2017

Madame en vacances I: Alsace

Autumn is a perfect background for summer memories, especially when the days are getting shorter, colder, and less exciting. It's time for me to share the moments from this year's trip to France.