31 Jul 2016

Preparing for Journey

July has come to an end and when you think about it in the context of summer, you know that there's not much of it left - just one month. And since I didn't have my vacation yet, it means that I must make it count!

27 Jul 2016

Dreaming About Vacation

In less than a week I'm going on vacation! Whoohoo, I really, really can't wait!!! Most of my friends already can boast about their amazing trips and superb tan (scrolling through Facebook's and Instagram's  feeds was quite painful this whole month), but, finally, my time has come (well, is coming) too!
   I'll reveal my destination in a few days, meanwhile, I'm posting here some photos of  my summer in Lithuania's capital (which, thanks to unbearably hot and humid weather, now more reminds of some tropical island's capital...)!

14 Jul 2016

#TBT: The Halfway Point of Summer

I know that I'm not entirely correct, there's still one day left untill the actual middle of the summer (if we count June 1st as an official beginning of this season). Both you, my dear readers, and me, we all had some plans for this summer, I'm pretty sure of it. But as time passes by (oh, what a dreadful habit this time has...) I started wondering how many things I can cross of my "to do" list. 

11 Jul 2016

My New Companions: Review

I already wrote about one of my last findings - Mixa cream - in one of my previous posts. This time I've tested some new beauty products and decided that it's time for another review!

10 Jul 2016

Days of Live Archaeology in Kernavė 2016

Yesterday I visited one of the most beautiful places in Lithuania - Kernavė. My husband and I, we really wait for the Days of Live Archaeology that happen in this little town. I already have introduced you my yesterday's outfit that I completed with some small but meaningful details, inspired by Baltic culture. This post is all about the things you can see in this festival.

9 Jul 2016

Feeling Baltic

7 Jul 2016

PKS XI: Sun, Rain and Sailing Away

A week ago I was spending my time among my friends and colleagues at the 11th Seminar of Indigenous Culture (Prigimtinės kultūros seminaras). This time we were discussing the relationship between indigenous culture and freedom