28 Feb 2020

Vilnius Book Fair 2020: "You should live without formulas, be open to the world." (Jonas Mekas)

On this day, at this time one week ago, I was at The Book Cinema Hall, watching A Chronicle of Amorous Accidents (Pol. Kronika wypadków miłosnychdirected by Andrzej Wajda, 1986). It was the second day (out of four) of the Vilnius Book Fair, and my only day off at this event, since I volunteered to stand behind the counter this year again. And here's how it went...
15 Feb 2020

Wearing (Modern) Vintage: Tips and Tricks

With an amount of vintage clothes that inhabit my closet growing larger, I decided to talk about my passion that I've been kindling for years. Here are some tips and tricks on how to curate your wardrobe with clothes that are (or look like they are) from another decade or even a century.