30 Aug 2016

Exploring Poland, Part 3: Silesia

To be in Poland, but not to visit the mountains should be considered a crime. After we left the seaside, our road continued in Silesia Region. Instead of popular Zakopane, we chose to visit Karzkonosze mountains and see what this corner of Poland has to offer.

29 Aug 2016

MJR XIX: Coming Back Home

Summer is almost over and what could be better than say your goodbyes in a festival? I know that I should continue posting about my vacation in Poland, but I can't skip the events of the last weekend: for four years in a row I closed my summer season in Mėnuo juodaragis (my previous experiences at this festival can be found here, here and here )!

25 Aug 2016

Exploring Poland, Part 2: Pomerania

After Poland astonished us with beautiful lakes and cozy towns, we decided to hit the beaches of the Baltic sea. That meant that our next stop is Pomerania Region, where the city of Gdansk is located.

24 Aug 2016

Exploring Poland, Part 1: Warmia, Mazuria and Białystok Region

Hey there! How are things, dear internet? 
My summer vacation is (sadly) over. What is left, is just brush off the journey dust from my shoes, look at pictures and remember the smells and tastes of fascinating neighboring country - Poland. This post is the first one of the series which I quickly called "Exploring Poland", where I'll try to explain what is so amazing about this (enormously) big country!