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19 May 2017

Above the Jungle

I looked forward to visiting Coba not only because it was another one impressive site of Maya culture, but also because you can still climb to the top of the Nohoch Mul Pyramid!

Coba extends over 80 km² and during its peak, there might have been about 50,000 inhabitants. So, you can imagine the vastness of this territory.  Our guide told us to take bikes in order to see everything faster.

We started our tour with the Nohoch Mul Pyramid. But before we started our climbing, we were told to take a look at stone stelae, depicting a powerful ruler, who stood on the backs of some other people. Our guide informed us that Coba is famous for its stelae, that acted as Facebook for ancient Maya people. 

Of course, we were waiting to test our strength, so when our guide instructed how to climb up the pyramid, we were happy to test those advises.

Nohoch Mul Pyramid is 42 meters tall (137 feet) and dominates all area, so it was so interesting to see jungle from above! It was obvious that Yucatan Peninsula is a flatland, because you could see kilometers away to all sides. 

There is another pyramid, but climbing this one is forbidden. 
   There were all sorts of other buildings, including few ball courts where ritualistic ball game happened.

I especially was interested in local flora, because there were all sorts of strange trees that produced peculiar seeds, or plants growing on tree branches and blooming in all sorts of beautiful blooms.

I really enjoyed visiting Coba, especially that this time we got an incredible guide and she could answer to all your questions! 

My next post will summarize our journey to Quintana Roo, so stay tuned for the last story from our vacation in Mexico!