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12 Dec 2023

In Search of Christmas Spirit

It is no doubt exciting to explore new countries and add new places to your list of favorites. At the beginning of December I was invited to an event in Stockholm (Sweden), a city I have never been to before (altough it was already my second trip to Sweden this year), so I gathered that it was the perfect chance to take it off my list, as well as look for some inspiration for my Christmas decor this year. So off I went.

Navigating through all those narrow streets of Stockholm's old town I have discovered lots of cute spaces and places, filled with local crafts, cute caffes, and bookstores. I just let myself wonder, sometimes taking a peek to the Google Maps, as the goal of the first day of my three day stay was to go to the National Museum.

The National Museum has an amazing art collection that I was eager to explore. For a classical art lover like myself, these kind of museums are a true goldmine for inspiration, as well as a good way of getting to know the cultural context.

On the second day of my visit to Stockholm I went to visit The Vasa Museum, where a large ship that sunk in 17th century and was discovered in 20th century is now displayed. To call it an amazing sight is an understatment. Just the sheer size of the ship takes your breath away!

The highlight of my visit definitely was the trip to Drottningholm Palace, not only because it is a wonderful place, but also because it is related to Lithuania, as originally the palace was built for Catherine Jagiellon, Sweden's queen who was a Polish - Lithuanian Commonwealth princess in 1500s. I had the most lovely time wandering through the halls with an audioguide (which you can open with a QR code on your phone).

With this amazing visit my trip to Sweden was over. All that's left was to buy some tasty treats (like this particular beverage down below) and head home!

I brought back not only some souvenirs, but mostly great memories of seeing the city of Stockholm for the first time. Be sure, I'll be back there in spring, as all the locals that I spoke to were telling how lovely the streets and parks of Stockholm look in May. So, fingers crossed, it was not a goodbye, but more like see you soon kind of situation.

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