12 Oct 2019

Trying Out: IsaDora Makeup Products

Makeup is one of the topics that I am interested in quite a lot recently. My Pinterest is filled with ideas for Korean makeup (I just love those gradient lips!), so for the past few months I've been experimenting more with styles and getting done it right, than trying out new beauty products. However, recently I bought few items made by IsaDora, so I thought that it's about time I bring back my reviews!

7 Oct 2019

I Received My PhD Degree. What's Next?

Goal achieved! More than a week ago I got my PhD degree in humanities and I can finally say that my studies are OVER! Eleven years of my life were dedicated to this moment and I am both happy about reaching the finish line, and somehow dispirited, since the road was not an easy one. So I thought that even though I gave my thank-you speech at the ceremony, I left many things unsaid. So these are some of my thoughts on my path to academia and an attempt to answer the eternal question: was it wort it?

8 Sep 2019

Summer Summed Up

It's September once again and although it still feels quite summery outside, you barely can miss the signs of early autumn: cooler nights, heavily dewy mornings, withered leaves crackling under your feet. I kind of long for this sweather weather time that awaits us, but at the same time my mind drifts to the sunny moments from this summer. And since I was not able to produce much of a content (to put it nicely) during this season, I thought that squeezing those past three months into one blog post is a good idea. Let's see if I was right!