6 Aug 2019

Madame en Vacances: Šventoji Chapter

"August is, basically, a gateway to autumn" - summed up my colleague once. I would call it a month when that summertime sadness, that Lana del Rey sung so lovely about, reaches its peak. Bittersweet joy fills our hearts and we desperately try to make the most of these last 31 days of "official summer". Me and my husband also jumped onto this bandwagon, so here we are, in Lithuanian seaside, where sky and sea merge at the horizon.

15 Feb 2019

Te Amo Bergamo

Milano is a glamorous and attractive city, but there is one particular place in Northern Italy that just cannot be ignored. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Bergamo, charming city surrounded by mountains.

9 Feb 2019

Milano in Three Days

If you're planning a trip to Milano, there's lots (and I mean LOTS) of blogposts and articles, about what to see there and what to do, where to eat and where to go for a shopping spree. That's why this blog post is entirely about what made my heart flutter while exploring this buzzing and bustling metropolis. So let's start walking the memory lane!