12 Apr 2021

What I've Been Up to Lately

... and just in the blink of an eye, the month of March was over!.. As we're currently nearing the midpoint of April, I think it would only be decent to update what I've been doing recently (well, more like for the past month and a half, but shhhh...), what projects am I on and what are my plans for the second half of the spring.

27 Feb 2021

DIY: 1890s Corset

would never have thought that I am going to make a corset. However, as I find myself diving deeper into the depths of the historical costuming, there's just no way that I can circumvent the question of proper undergarments. Thus the whole month of February was dedicated to my attempt on the art of corsetry and this is the recount of all my ordeal. 

31 Jan 2021

DIY: 1890s Fan Skirt Made Entirely From... Bed Sheets

My sewing adventures continue and this time I present you my latest project that I've been working on during the second half of this January. It is a late Victorian (around 1890s) fan skirt, but there's a twist: I made it entirely from second-hand bedsheets! So how did that happen?