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4 Dec 2017

Comic Con Baltics: Sunday

This weekend was all about pop culture and geeky stuff: for the first time in the history of Baltic countries, we had our very own Comic Con

With my husband and my best friend beside me, I explored the grounds of Litexpo, filled with all sorts of replicas from TV shows and movies. From R2-D2 ("Star Wars") to Bumblebee ("Transformers"), you could see, touch, and take as many photos as you like with these and many other heroes.

Nevertheless, the highlight for me personally was the Iron Throne from "Game of Thrones". We stood in a line for quite some time just to take some photos. All I can say is that it was more than worth it! While waiting for our turn, we googled some poses of those who sat on the Throne and tried to mimic them (from left to right: NedCersei, Joffrey). 

One of the main reasons why I went to Comic Con Baltics was that my beloved artist Sarah Andersen was participating in it! I brought both of her books and got them signed!

I also attended a panel "Young stars after big projects" with Dean-Charles Chapman (Prince Tommen from "Game of Thrones") , Josh Herdman (Gregory Goyle from "Harry Potter") that was quite fun! It was interesting to hear what young actors are up to after they finished starring in blockbusters. 

We also sat down for an hour and a half to play a board game. And it WAS intense!

Sunday was a perfect day to visit this event, because according to the press and social media, Saturday was the most crowded day in there. And yesterday we walked around with an ease.

From my point of view, this event was very successful! I do hope that Baltic states will have their own annual Comic Con from now on, because it was quite obvious that we want one so badly!