21 Jun 2020

Vacation Sewing Project: The Reveal

Today's the last day of my vacation, as well as the day when I  am finally able to show what I've been working on for the past two weeks! My more detailed description of the making process is on the previous blog post, but now let me just share some photos that me and my husband took today, early in the morning. 

20 Jun 2020

Vacation Sewing Project: Recreating 1930s Dress

Summer is already here and since current pandemic messed up my carefully assembled plans (a trip to Sweden, to be more precise), I was left with three weeks of vacation and no decent plan what to do. So I conjured myself a challenge that involved lots and lots of sewing. Yes, my dear friends, I decided to recreate (I am using this word in a very broad sense) a dress from 1932. 

8 Jun 2020

Welcome to My Garden

If fifteen years ago somebody would have told me that in my 30s I would voluntarily spend my free hours planting seeds, watering plants, and pulling weeds, I would have definitely asked that person are they in their right mind. But here I am, burning my neck in the scorching sunlight while getting my hands dirty, and feeling happy as a clam! So what has changed?