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Hi! I am Asta! I am a philologist and a philocalist to the heart's core. Here I share things that I consider being aesthetic and fantastic!

20 Oct 2017

L'Automne à Vilnius

After a period that looked like prelude to the Deluge, we finally got to experience some sunny and warm days (or afternoons, more likely). During days like these, you can really appreciate all the beauty of this season. The smell of fallen leaves, damp trees, and crisp wind makes you shiver both with cold and delight!

I am glad that I have my powerful enough camera phone that helps me to capture all this loveliness. Since I have the privilege in our family of taking our dog for a walk in the morning, I get to see how nature is changing and preparing itself to sleep. 

I am also very lucky to be working at one of the most Instagram-worthy places in Vilnius, Vileišiai Palace. Each season gives this architectural ensemble different look, but in autumn this place looks like straight out of a fairy-tale!

Photos (c) Asta Skujytė-Razmienė, Paulė Gaižutytė