28 May 2020

In Pursuit of Culture

Sitting at home is all cozy and nice, but since the quarantine restrictions are eased (at least here in Lithuania) and the situation is more or less under control, today me and my husband decided to visit an exhibition at the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania and to brighten our morning.

24 May 2020

Empties Pt. 2

Once again I have accumulated a small batch of empty bottles, containers, tubes, and other kinds of vessels, whose contents I've used previously this year (well, some of them are from the last year and I saved them exactly for the sake of this post. This girl's a  bit of a hoarder, you know...). So, these are the skincare or beauty products that I put into use so quickly that I even forgot to write about after purchasing. But were they yay or nay

5 May 2020

Visiting the Republic of Paulava

If you never heard about the Republic of Paulava, don't fret. This tiny self-proclaimed country existed only for 26 years and... in the 18th century. Located in Šalčininkai district, this republic was recognized by the Grand Duke and King Stanisław August Poniatowski, had its militia, coins, and even Constitution. Its former capital, the Merkinė Manor still stands, although mostly in ruins, making it the perfect spot to explore for the ruin lovers, such as myself and my husband. So this morning we decided to go on an adventure (of course, not forgetting our masks and hand sanitizers) and visit this charming Republic of Paulava.