30 Nov 2016

Of Christmas Trees and Spirits

These past few days I've been discovering Riga that is preparing for Christmas and  have to admit that it looks M A G I C A L! City's medieval appearance intertwines with jolly Christmas tunes that are played in Doma Laukums all day long, and I, personally, really enjoy the possibility to grab a glass of mulled wine from a sweet old lady in the Christmas market (what I did while waiting the lighting of Christmas tree three days ago). Riga is the very place to feel the coming of biggest festivities!

26 Nov 2016

One More Time: Rīga

I don't know how it happens, but every year I come to the capital of Latvia - Riga. Each time the purpose is different, each time this city shows me something different. This year I'm staying in Riga  because of my PhD studies and for a longer time than usual, so I've got some time to explore the city before the biggest holydays of the year.

9 Nov 2016

Autumn in Vilnius: How to Embrace it

I don't know how about you, but autumn to me looks like kind of tricky season. Here in Lithuania, or in Vilnius (to be more precise) autumn can start... bothering you. Not because of those highly praised colorful and picturesque views or the fact that it's sooo romantic to walk through the old town, sip hot coffee from your cup and see all those colorful leaves under your feet. It's the lack of Sun that upsets me the most. Somehow during this season we get only few sunny days and when the grey sky is hanging over your head for continuous weeks, you start thinking that the seasonal depression is not a myth. So this is what I do to keep my spirits up!

2 Nov 2016

Feeling Like a Lady

Saturday offered me an opportunity that was a complete opposition to the Friday's events  - a dinner in the Butautai manor. Life is full of contrasts, I have to admit it!