28 Jun 2016

Wardrobe and Passion for Shopping: Searching for Balance

One thing that I am still uncomfortable admitting to others is my passion for clothes. Various shapes, colors, materials... I can't imagine how some of my friends can live with few basic T-shirts and a pair of jeans, or go wearing this same clothes to work for few days in a row (that's what my husband sometimes does...) - this way of living is definitely not for me! I need clothes to suit my mood. But, to paraphrase the famous thought from "Spiderman", with many clothes comes great headache. That's why I decided to share my thoughts on how to (try) balance wardrobe's content and passion for shopping. 

26 Jun 2016

Little Summer Moments

While incredible heat prevents me (and everybody else here in Lithuania) from doing anything outside during the day, I tend to crawl from the house at early morning and late evening. This tactic was very useful during my stay chez mes parents in the village, because even short venture outside to pick some strawberries could end with a first-degree burn. Bearing this in mind, I hardly went outside during this weekend and spent all my time reading near an open window. 
   Summertime in a village is marvelous even with this unbearable temperature. Sharing some photos that captured the last weekend of June.

19 Jun 2016

Exploring Vilnius: Užupis

It's already been eight years since I live in Vilnius and I have to admit, there are some parts of this town that I haven't explored yet. This sunny Sunday, my husband and I, together with our dog, decided to snoop around the Old town, to be more precise - Užupis district (or Užupis Republic, as ir is called by the locals). 

13 Jun 2016

Mixa Moisturising Balancing Cream Review

My skin and it's condition is very important to me. I do believe that you can tell lots of things just by a glance to person's face and it's skin. That's why I do take care of mine: since I spend my days in front of PC's screen and city's air is far from fresh and revitalizing, I have to moisturize and hydrate my skin a lot. After my unsuccessful attempt to use 100 % ecologic face cream, I went to the store and asked for help. "Mixa" was the face cream that was suggested to me by a consultant in the shop. So I gave it a go.

12 Jun 2016

#Eglynė 2016: Rain Rain Go Away!

5 Jun 2016

Father's Day 2016

Father's day is here! Traditionally, my dad comes to capital and we do some sightseeing around Vilnius. This year we traveled to Medininkai castle and visited highest places in Lithuania - Aukštojas and Juozapinė hills. Sharing some photos from today's wonderful trip!