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29 Sept 2017

Postcards from Biržai

I have (again) abandoned my blog. Sadly, writing two presentations (one for a symposium and another for a conference) and keeping my blog updated is a bit too much for me... If you follow me on Instagram you probably know about my writing struggles already... Nevertheless I try to escape from this closed circle and just recently I visited lovely town of Biržai! I had a nice walk on the shores of Širvėna lake and enjoyed every last bit of this sunny Indian Summer No. 2!

My main goal was to visit the local flea market (and with a great success I did!) and to buy some fresh bread and cookies from local bakery (they have incredibly tasty macarons there!). The prices both in market and in the shop were ridiculous! I feel so burdened now, knowing that I pay sometimes double the price to get a product, and only because I live in capital city...

During our promenade we spotted two swans with their youngsters. One even climbed ashore only... to hiss on us! 

Although this was far from my first time in Biržai, just now I noticed that Širvėna lake plays a great role in the life of this town. I saw fishermen and various boats, calmly floating on waves.

I really hope to finish telling my impressions from our trip to France soon, since I have another journey upcoming! 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Photos © Asta Skujytė-Razmienė