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14 May 2017

Hola Mexico! Pt. 2

Our trip to Mexico is, so far, the highlight of this year! In my last post I made a short introduction to our journey, also wrote about the city of Cancún. Today it's all about Isla Mujeres, a tiny island that we explored on our second day of being in Quintana Roo state.

Mexico greeted us with humidity and high temperatures. As a person used to much milder climate, I was having trouble coping with all these changes, so for me the best thing was laying in the room with AC on. But instead of that, we chose to hit the beaches. Having heard a lot about Isla Mujeres, that is just 30 minutes away from Cancún by a ferry, we chose to spend our day there.

The ferry ride was an enjoyable event, especially because the main cabin had an AC! And, of course, the view of incredibly blue Caribbean Sea!

The island itself is just about 7 kilometers long, but it was already incredibly hot when we arrived, so doing a little sightseeing was not in my plans for that day. We headed straight for the refreshments, since Vincas googled and found a good local restaurant not that far from the ferry harbor. Their fresh orange juice and mango smoothies are the best! And, although it was hot and my appetite was gone for a second day in a row, we still sat down for some Mexican food. "Super Burrito" was definitely one of the best things that I tasted during our trip!

Isla Mujeres is far from a pampered place. Although tourists come here in great numbers, still, the town is quite shabby and revives only in afternoon, when all streets are filled with souvenirs and counters.

But the reason why we came to Isla Mujeres was not to admire local architecture, but to enjoy its sandy beaches, so we headed straight for the shade of palm trees.

We spend the whole afternoon on this white sand, listening to various songs traveling from fancy yachts, reading books and contemplating the possibility of a coconut falling on one of our heads (gladly, it didn't happen).

This island is a nice escape from the buzzing city, and you can even bring there your car (but the price will be about 15 € to one side) to do some little exploring (there are some nice Mayan temple ruins a little bit further away). So, if you happen to be in Cancún, this little island should be regarded as a "must-visit" place!

In my next post I will tell about our adventures in and on the road to Chichén Itzá! Stay tuned!