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31 Mar 2016

Decorating Easter Table

Although Easter is already over, but I still want to share with you how I decorated our table this year. I chose to wander a little bit away from the traditional imagery of Easter table and introduce more bright colors, various shapes, and materials.

Flowers are one of the most essential components of the good-looking Easter table. I chose orange tulips with yellow/pink tint and green chrysanthemums (at first I could not identify what sort of flower I was going to buy, because of this peculiar look and color, unusual to other chrysanthemums). 
   My mom bought two wonderful and aromatic white hyacinths that I planted directly into the glasses. It looked interesting (because of the visible white roots and black soil) and added some kind of "nature flavor". Basically, you can put dirt on the table, if it's done in style!

The blue and gold tablecloth is actually a good length of fabric that I found in the local second hand store for 2 € (!!!). I washed it and - voila! - here's a beautiful thing to put on a table!  

Since the table itself was colorful, all the eggs blended in nicely. 

I baked some egg-shaped cookies. The recipe I found in the March issue of "Mano namai" magazine, but originally it was from the Fräulein Klein blog

That't all it takes to have wonderful Easter! ;)