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13 Sept 2016

Exploring Poland, Part 6: Fun in Warsaw

After I came back from my vacation, the most often asked question was "Did you liked Warsaw?" I did, actually. And I'll tell you why.

Warsaw is the largest city in Poland and has almost three times more inhabitants than my country in total! It is quite obvious that there will be people EVERYWHERE. But even I, a person who tries to avoid the crowds as often as possible, enjoyed this buzzing and bustling atmosphere.

Warsaw has many faces: from it's rebuilt Old Town to the Palace of Culture and Science and modern skyscrapers. I liked the Old Town because it appeared as a city within the city: the architecture there is very distinguishable.

It was nice to walk around and discover all sorts of things: cafes, fountains, or just cozy benches to lay on! I even bought a scooter to ride around and it was so much fun! (Also, there were lots of adult people on the scooters, and we smiled to each other as we would be some kind of partners in crime :) )

Warsaw is HUGE city and a week is not enough to see it all. But I really recommend going to the National Museum to see the Polish Artists exhibition. Also, don't miss the beautiful building of Warsaw University's Library! Engage in all sorts of action in the Copernicus Science Centre (just book your tickets in advance!) and, most importantly, enjoy this city slowly!

In my upcoming and the last post about Poland I will tell you where and what to eat! Stay put! 

Photos © Vincas Razma and Asta Skujytė-Razmienė