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14 Jul 2016

#TBT: The Halfway Point of Summer

I know that I'm not entirely correct, there's still one day left untill the actual middle of the summer (if we count June 1st as an official beginning of this season). Both you, my dear readers, and me, we all had some plans for this summer, I'm pretty sure of it. But as time passes by (oh, what a dreadful habit this time has...) I started wondering how many things I can cross of my "to do" list. 

I am very happy that together with my colleagues we organized an international conference. It was loads of work, but it all pays of when you see the content faces of its participants.

During the Father's Day weekend I had a trip with my dad. I wrote about it here.

This year I also went to Woodstock #Eglynė festival and shared my impressions in this post

Nature and the city that we live in is always luring me to go and explore, so that I did together with my dog, husband, sister or friends. 

I celebrated Midsummer (St. John's Day) together with my friends. What a cozy evening/night/morning we had with all those songs and BBQ!

I went to my homeland few times. My parents always meet me with lots and lots of great food! I love being in the house that I grew up in - it just looks so great in summer!

Traditionally, I participated in the Seminar of Indigenous Culture (more about it here).  I got to mow lawn with a scythe (sorry for my ultra serious-angry-god-knows-what-kind-of-face, since I had just four hours of sleep) and that was incredible experience! I had done this before in my homeland, but I haven't taken a scythe for more that five years, so my skills were quite rusty...

Last, but far from the least, I went to the Days of Live Archaeology in Kernavė (wrote about it here and here). It was awesome and I can't wait for the next year!

So... That's something, isn't it? Still, there are more things waiting for me: this summer's trip (I will reveal the destination soon), the Mėnuo juodaragis festival, various meetings with friends, trip to Anykščiai, and all other sorts of fun -- all thanks to my considerate family and friends!

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