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13 Jun 2016

Mixa Moisturising Balancing Cream Review

My skin and it's condition is very important to me. I do believe that you can tell lots of things just by a glance to person's face and it's skin. That's why I do take care of mine: since I spend my days in front of PC's screen and city's air is far from fresh and revitalizing, I have to moisturize and hydrate my skin a lot. After my unsuccessful attempt to use 100 % ecologic face cream, I went to the store and asked for help. "Mixa" was the face cream that was suggested to me by a consultant in the shop. So I gave it a go.

This face cream is light and feels really fresh after applying on your skin. Moreover, it is absorbed quite quickly and you can really feel that your skin is hydrated even after tiring workday. Because of mattifying powder you wouldn't get the shining cheeks and forehead. The powder also evens the skin tone, so if you sometimes suffer from mysterious red spots on your face - it really helps. Although it doesn't conceal them totally, the cream helps to minimize the redness, so I call this a victory.

"Mixa" has face creams for sensitive and normal skin. I tried the last one and, all in all, this is already my second tube. I am quite content with this product! Just one tiny problem - it's hard to dose the proper amount of cream, so, at least for me, I finish the tube much quicker than I would finish a traditional box of cream.


  1. I love mixa such a great moisturiser, I got a free sample of it from http://www.wowfreestuff.co.uk/free-mixa-body-lotion-pack/ then bought it when I ran out, so glad I applied. :)

  2. Yeah, having some samples to test is way better than buying a whole tube just to try it, but I'm glad that I took the risk and hit the bulls-eye with this one :)

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