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2 Nov 2016

Feeling Like a Lady

Saturday offered me an opportunity that was a complete opposition to the Friday's events  - a dinner in the Butautai manor. Life is full of contrasts, I have to admit it!

Visiting manors is nothing new, actually, but this time I experienced something more than just an excursion - a birthday party in a manor! The birthday girl was a deer aunt of my husband's and I was sooo happy to know that she has chosen to celebrate her anniversary not in restaurant!

First of all, Butautai manor is famous for its craft beer. Before our dinner we had a beer tasting, during which I learned how to taste this drink of my homeland correctly and got some knowledge on how to differentiate lager beer from ale.

It was very exciting to explore this XIX century manor and hear some stories about its previous owners (the manor is a little bit haunted, BTW. But, what else could you expect?) I also enjoyed our dinner meal although wild animal meat is far from my first choice when I think about a steak. 

And, of course, how without an obligatory mirror selfie?

My old wish is to visit and stay overnight at Pakruojis manor. I hope some day it'll come true and then you'll definitely read about it in a post! ;) 

Photos © Asta Skujytė-Razmienė