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16 Dec 2016

Christmas is Coming to Town

Since Christmas is just around the corner (only one week left!), I feel that it's a must to write something about the upcoming holiday. Well, I wouldn't share any DIY project or recipe how to bake the best gingerbread cookies in town. This time I'm all about creating Christmas mood in my house.

I always start with candles - the more the better. Believe me, there's nothing more cozy than lighting up few candles in the evening and pouring yourself a generous glass of Glühwein. Especially when there's tons of snow outside and it really starts feeling like a proper holiday preparation.

Just be careful with the ornaments. I have a cat and a dog, which is a pretty dangerous combo, especially during this season. This fir tree wreath in the picture above is version 3.0 of my first (picture below on the left) and the second (picture with the leftovers from glitter bubbles below on the right) ones, which were devoured by our dog. So, when preparing for festivities with pets, it all should be as much animal proofed as it is possible.

Decorating Christmas tree is also an important moment. But our highlight of the holidays is a small plastic fir tree which is put so high upon the shelf, that our cat is unable to reach it. Still, she will have a chance to go wild in my parents house, since they always bring in huge fir tree.

This year I also installed a Christmas decoration on our window. Ikea + Jysk + branch from seaside is a good combination indeed. 

Are you ready for Christmas? How do you decorate your apartments?

Photos © Asta Skujytė-Razmienė